Geranium Essential Oil: Multifaceted Healer

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 9/9/2014 to Oils

It takes a very special and potent substance to heal severely damaged and scarred skin. Thankfully, there is one African flower that takes skin regeneration and scar healing to a level all its own. With a sweet and uplifting scent, and super hero potent regenerative powers, geranium essential oil is the perfect oil for healing and maintaining damaged, scarred, and traumatized skin.

Geranium essential oil is known as a cicatrisant, meaning it works to heal scar tissue. Scars, especially acne scars, are one of the more challenging skin complaints to heal, and people often spend thousands of dollars in their search for a scar treatment that will actually work. Geranium essential oil is a truly amazing oil to use for the reduction and healing of scars, as it has literally been used to heal severely burned skin with no residual scarring- a very unique feat! It also serves to facilitate the uniform distribution of melanin, which aids in the reduction of scars that manifest as hyperpigmentation.

Geranium is also an astringent that contracts the muscles of the skin, leading to the delay of premature aging and reduction of wrinkles. Because it is so effective at repairing damaged and traumatized tissue (note the burn story above!), it is an invaluable essential oil for those with more mature and weathered skin that requires stronger anti aging action.

Geranium essential oil also imparts a strong sense of adaptability to ones spirit. It serves as a superb essential oil for aromatherapy by uplifting the mood and adding a gentle and clear brightness to one’s psyche. It has traditionally been used in aromatherapy to assist in alleviating depression, and can thus serve as a kind of dual relief for both damaged skin and any emotional disturbance that may arise from dealing with unpleasant skin issues such as unsightly scars.

Essential oils are well known for their dual-purpose utilities, and geranium is no different. This African flower petal essence imparts a delicate beauty to your face and calm to your mind through its potent stress busting and tissue regenerating phytochemistry. It increases the skins response to stress, heals damaged tissue, and calms the mind. It imparts a sweet clarity to your psyche and strength to your self-confidence. Use it to heal damaged skin, and the emotional stress that comes along with it.