Getting Started

As customers begin the Custom Formulation process with RainShadow Labs we will enlist the lab to create customized product samples for you to test. These will represent different versions of what our lab has understood to be requested for the particular product in question. The lab order form will be entered into the lab formulation line up and usually in an estimated 3 weeks your first round of samples will ship out to you. There is an initial lab fee involved in this process to cover lab time. Lab fees are $750 plus applicable tax per product. This fee will cover the initial lab work and 3 reformulations to the same formula. If samples are requested the buyer will need to either pay for the freight as billed by RainShadow Labs or they will need to supply their own shipping account. Custom formulation is limited to 4 products at a given time. Additional formulations can be initiated upon completion of active lab samples. The initial lab fee is valid for 6 months from shipment of the first lab sample; after 6 months, it will be charged again for more reformulations.

Additional Samples: You will be shipped one 2 oz sample of your custom formula for your review. Additional 2 oz samples are available upon request for $50 each.

RainShadow Labs will own the formulations that are created in our lab and RSL will sign a Non-Disclosure legal document to ensure that we are only making your product for your company. We will never share your formulation or ingredient information with any company other than yours.

In order to begin this process, please fill out the following electronic form and submit it to RSL. We will follow up with a response in 1-2 business days once our lab has been able to review the request. You can email these to [email protected]; fax them to 503-366-3400; or mail them in with 1-2oz of your sample product to 300 Port Ave, St Helens, OR 97051.

Online Formulation Questionnaire

Before the lab process can begin customers will need to have signed and submitted a lab sample contract to our offices.

RainShadow Labs formulates for a 2 year shelf life based on our Chemists knowledge and historical data. RainShadow Labs does not guarantee shelf life. You would need to have a third party test for shelf life performed for that information. We always recommend that you perform your own stability and Preservative Challenge testing as well at a Third Party testing lab such as Bioscreen.

Click here to learn how to private label with RainShadow Labs.

If you have any further questions regarding the Custom Formulation Process, please send an email to [email protected] or call 503-366-3413 and ask for Custom Formulation Support.

We look forward to creating with you.