Hair Serum Reminder

We're hair snobs.

And we know first hand how hard finding the best natural hair care product can be.

One that isn't
  • drying 
  • feels weird on the hair
  • leaves a film 
  • or costs an arm and a leg.
We've been there. 

Many of your customers could be there.

And it's why we had the idea to create a new hair product.

Now, the criteria was this: 

Our Director of Communications, Emily had just barely entered into the world of colored hair after a lifetime of color-free locks. Our CEO Vanessa is a colored-hair pro. And I, the author of these newsletters to you, have very long, straight, virgin hair.

All 3 of us needed to give the new product a resounding "yes". 
So, our lab went to work. And this was the result.

Thicken and Grow Hair Protectant. A roots-to-ends hair serum that we're officially obsessed with.

It soaks in quick (like REALLY quick). Can be applied all over the hair. And works on many hair types (we've tried it on straight, curly, wavy, color-treated, frizzy and very dry hair so far).

Its texture is a lot like a nice and light face serum. Which is great because that lightness means no extra weight on the hair!

It has a fresh and herbaceous smell- in part thanks to the lavender hydrosol it contains. 

It features ingredients like
  • panthenol
  • rosehip seed oil
  • and amino acids
that lock in moisture and strengthen the hair shaft.

And when applied to frizzy, dry and split ends it smoothes things right up. 

Unlike other oil-based products that weigh heavy and need to be washed out, Thicken and Grow is lightweight, soaks in fast and doesn't need to be shampooed.

Our favorite way to use it is as a quick end-treatment on not-so-good hair days. 

But it can be used however, and whenever, you want.

Order your sample here.

Or reach out to Emily about adding Strengthen and Grow Hair Protectant to your private label line.

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