His Neck EO Blend Reminder

The fastest growing sector in our industry is men's personal care.

Yep. Men.

The stigma around men and beauty is waning. And men are realizing the value of taking care of their skin.

But one thing that hasn't changed for men is the importance of smell.

Cologne is a huge deal! But honestly, not everyone likes it.

Which is why more and more men (and women) are turning to essential oil based scents instead.

We love this trend!

It opens up so many new scent possibilities.

Like this one: His Neck.
Smooth. Sultry. Deep.

It draws you in and makes you want to stay longer.

With oils like
  • tobacco 
  • clary sage 
  • vetiver
  • Leather blend (coming soon!)
  • and vanilla
it's bold without being overpowering. 

His Neck is perfect as a stand-alone "perfume", and is phenomenal as a scent for candles, body scrubs and other personal care products.

It's a far cry from your run-of-the-mill "masculine" scent. It actually has depth. Character. Presence.

And that's exactly what the men's market needs: products that hold their own.

Order your sample today. And send Emily an email to ask about adding His Neck to your private label line.

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