Holiday Launch....Sustainably

It is most definitely candle season again.

The days have gotten shorter and the nights noticeably longer.

What better time than NOW to add a sexy, romantic, fragrant, and eco friendly source of comfort for the winter. ….candlelight…to your product line up?!

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Explore our non GMO soy based candles manufactured here in our wind powered facility utilizing biodegradable, recycled and vegan materials. Each candle is individually hand poured and labeled by adults with disabilities through The United Way of Columbia County in our progressive, cruelty free manufacturing facility.

These are not your Mothers candles.

Each candle that you order directly supports the planting of an organic heirloom fruit tree in multiple low income communities, inner city schools, and Native American Reservations.

Make a difference in the world while making a difference to your companies’ success.

What will a person do in order to bask in the light and aroma of these environmentally friendly luminaries? Quite a bit, according to what we know. The candle industry continues to race ahead at staggering speeds. All that we can do is hitch on up to that well lit ride and hoot and holler all the way to the Realm of Abundance.
Join us wont you?

Be a light in the world…. We’ve just made it a whole lot easier for you.

Each size and fragrance has a twelve candle minimum. Choose from a 7 oz. glass votive or a 2 oz. tin with lid.

Seasonal Botanical Fragrance Options are as follows:

Pumpkin Holiday Spice - click here to purchase
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Thank you for lighting up our lives…….
and for allowing us to do the same for you.

Please check them out online at, call customer service at 503-366-3413 or email us at