Holy Days and Blessed Tidings for 2009…from RSL

RainShadow Labs is ushering in 2009 with Oodles of Gratitude for you and your loyal patronage. The entire RSL team is wishing you a New Year filled with abundance, opportunity, and joy. After completing our inventory for the year and wrapping up loose ends, we will reopen our doors on January 5th with vim and vigor and big plans to support you in ways that you never even considered.

Our 12 favorite ingredients for the last 12 months were as follows.
Vitamin C
Ocean Mineral Complex
Raw Organic Shea Butter from Ghana
Amino Acid Complex
Hyaluronic Acid
Vitamins A and E
Pantothenic Acid
Bamboo Fibers
Lactic Acid
Reishi Mushroom
Royal Jelly

See you in 2009!