How is CBD Oil Made

Before understanding the manufacturing processes of CBD (Cannabidiol) oil, it’s important to determine what it is and why quality sourcing is of the uatmost importance. Cannabidiol is one of the many cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. Cannabis is usually grown for one of two purposes: Hemp or Marijuana products. While marijuana is generally grown for recreational uses, its counterpart, hemp, is used more medicinally. CBD oil is the extracted cannabinoid from hemp plants, where the concentration of CBD to THC is significantly higher. So high in fact, that CBD oil contains virtually none of the psychoactive THC found in medical marijuana products.

How is CBD Oil Extracted?

CBD oil can be made 1 of 3 ways: Co2 extraction, ethanol or solvent extraction and carrier-oil extraction.

Co2 Method – Co2 extraction is the safest and purest way to extract CBD from hemp plants. Co2 is pushed through the plant maintaining extremely low temperatures, which preserves the integrity of the oil. Co2 extraction of CBD leads to a cleaner taste and is also the most expensive method for producing quality CBD oil.

Ethanol or solvent method – By using ethanol or another grain alcohol, CBD can be extracted from the hemp plant. However, this method not only leaves behind harmful residues, but also destroys some of the most beneficial nutrients and oils contained in the CBD. Overall, this method leads to lower quality, and even damaged, CBD oils.

Carrier-Oil Method – Rapidly becoming more popular is the carrier-oil method for extraction. Using another oil, most commonly olive oil, CBD is extracted from the hemp plant. While this maintains and preserves many of the naturally occurring nutrients, care must be taken to protect the oils from oxidation by storing them away from heat and light. However, being much cheaper than Co2 extraction and much safer than Ethanol extraction, the carrier-oil method is a good middle ground and gaining in popularity.

The Benefits of CBD Oil

The benefits of CBD oil are many, including a wide range of antioxidant and neuroprotective capabilities. Upon learning about the Endocannabinoid System in humans, research is showing that human cells all over the body contain receptors for cannabinoids, both naturally occurring and plant-based. This system helps to regulate many functions in the body ranging from hormone circulation to pain control and immunity.

Uses for CBD Oil continue to expand as more and more research finds new and interesting ways the cannabinoids interact with the human body. Some of the most researched and highly recommended uses for CBD is in skincare and beauty products. Because of its effects against free-radical damage and its highly reparative properties, CBD oil is an amazing addition to virtually all skincare products.

Why Finding Quality CBD Oil is Important

As discussed above, certain manufacturing processes for CBD oil can leave behind unwanted residue, chemicals and toxins that ultimately create an undesirable product. Also, because CBD oil contains high amounts of unstable omega-3 and 6 fatty acids, the handling, storing and processing of CBD oil is extremely important. Essential fatty acids (omega-3s and 6s) are highly susceptible to damage from heat and light and must be handled accordingly. Using any sort of heat during the extraction process could result in oxidation, and ultimately, a damaged end product.

At Rainshadow Labs, we source only the highest quality CBD oil from rigorously tested laboratories with third-party assurances. Our CBD oil is Co2 extracted from a European co-op and grown without the use of pesticides or other agricultural chemicals.