How to Dilute Essential Oils

Mixing essential oils is one thing, but diluting them yourself is a tedious process and involves precision and some math to maintain safety. You see, essential oils can almost never be used in their concentrated form, that is, straight after the extraction process. In order to safely use them on your skin and a variety of other applications, you need to properly dilute essential oils. Most often carried out by adding individual drops of an oil to another carrier oil, such as coconut oil, diluting essential oils not only best prepares them for application, but also ensures they are evenly spread when applying. Here at RainShadow Labs, we only carry essential oils of the highest quality, ensuring our valued customers get the most for their money. While we carry a wide variety of oils available for everyday use, we also offer them for those looking to start their own private label. If you plan on utilizing our oils for resale, you can leave the diluting and mixing to us. However, we know plenty of our customers would like to mix and dilute essentials on their own. In an effort to ensure you're properly diluting, we've compiled some necessary information for doing so. Take a moment to go over the following information so you can safely dilute your own oils.

How to Dilute Essential Oils: Key Conversions

One difficult aspect of diluting essential oils lies within the conversions. Quite often, you'll need to convert ounces to milliliters. While some view it as just a little simple math, it's essential you ensure you're using the right amount of oil for safe application. For reference, take a look at the conversions table provided below:
â…› oz. 3.75ml
¼ oz. 7.5ml
½ oz. 15ml
1 oz. 30ml
4 oz. 120ml
8oz. 237ml
16oz. 473ml

Proper Dilution

As mentioned, essential oils sometimes need to be diluted into a carrier oil or some other product before application, as they are too strong in their concentrated form for certain applications. Whether you're simply adding it to a carrier oil or incorporating the essential oil into a lotion or something similar, it's best to shoot for only 1 to 2% dilution with most essential oils. Of course, this will involve some more math, but we can help make things easier. For creating a 1 oz (or 30ml) bottle, think about it this way: 30 millimeters is equivalent to about 600 drops of oil, as there are approximately 20 drops in 1 milliliter. If you're shooting for a 1% dilution, you'll need just 6 drops of oil per 1 oz of the carrier oil or product you choose. To keep things simple, look at the table below for quick reference when diluting:
1% Dilution 6 drops per 1 oz. of carrier
2% Dilution 12 drops per 1oz. of carrier

Get Quality Essential Oils with RainShadow Labs!

If you're looking to create your very own essential oils, you can find them of the utmost quality at Rainshadow Labs. In order to keep your dilutions safe, however, be sure to follow the directions we've outlined above. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to contact us.