How to Get Beautiful Feet

Posted by jeff on 8/29/2010 to Soaps

Are you plagued with dry, cracked feet? Do you dream of one day having soft, beautiful feet? If you do, this is the article for you.


A sugar scrub is an amazing beauty treatment that can be used to smooth and exfoliate your feet. It is a natural spa treatment that contains healthy ingredients that wont harm your skin. Sugar has natural acids that will dissolve dry skin.


The granules in the sugar polish the feet and make it softer. Sugar exfoliates skin really well. You can use the scrub by massaging it on your feet.


Massage has been proven to relieve stress. It calms muscles and eases tension. Massaging the feet can be very relaxing and feel very good.


It only takes a few minutes to get a foot spa treatment, and you will not be disappointed with the results. Getting rid of the hard, dry skin on your feet will feel like a wonderful accomplishment. Another advantage is that it is relaxing as well.


Homemade soap making is a wonderful option for creating a sugar scrub. Soap making gives you the chance to find your favorite type of ingredients, and mix them together. In this case, soap making with the intent of making a sugar scrub means choosing your favorite type of sugar, such as granulated sugar or cane sugar, and combining it with soap that youve already previously made.


Start the treatment by polishing your feet with the sugar scrub. Exfoliate by massaging it on to your feet with a little water. Massage it on your feet for a few minutes and then wash it off.


After you dry your feet it is important to remember to use a moisturizing lotion on them. Apply a body butter or body cream, and massage it on the feet. You need a product with intense moisture. After you exfoliate it is always important to have a good moisturizing, rich lotion to keep the skin smooth and healthy.