How to Use Essential Oils

Essential oils are extracted from plant material like leaves, bark, rinds or stems. Using your creativity, essential oils can be utilized in almost every walk of life. Whether you are a licensed esthetician, massage therapist, own a cleaning business, have severe chemical allergies, make DIY skin care and candles or any of the other occupations that could utilize essential oils, RainShadow Labs can help. In this article, we're going to go over some uses for essential oils you may not have considered.

Spa Treatments

We have worked with hundreds of spas and thousands of estheticians to provide the necessary essential oils to elevate their services and bring additional value to their clients. Some of the ways our clients have maximized their profits through essential oil use are:

  • Adding to Product: Adding high quality essential oils to your masks, creams, lotions, serums and hair care products can increase relaxation and promote a healthy sense of wellness. In addition, depending on the oil selection, essential oils can be used in anti aging or soothing skincare products.
  • Build a Healthy Back Bar: Adding a private label brand of essential oils and/or skin care products, with your company logo, will keep your clients coming back time and again. Customers will feel the difference essential oils can make in their homes and lives.
  • Diffusing Through Treatment Rooms: Diffusing essential oils through treatment and waiting rooms can promote a peaceful, relaxing environment without the side effects chemicals can have on people with scent and chemical sensitiviti`es. Your clients will leave rejuvenated and looking forward to their return visit.

Massage Therapists

When a client comes in for a massage session, they usually have a goal in mind for that particular session. These goals can range from muscular tension relief, stress reduction, improved circulation, relief from chronic conditions and overall mental wellness. Massage therapists have long been utilizing essential oils during their massage sessions. Let's talk about some of the ways this is done:

  • Adding Directly to Product: Adding essential oils directly to the massage oil, cream or lotion is one of the most popular ways of incorporating them into a massage. The other is the obvious physical benefits. For example, adding a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil to your oil or cream may help with client relaxation. Or add Lemon Lime Blend to help with mental focus. 
  • Diffusion: Diffusing essential oils in the air during a session can promote feelings of peace and contentment. Essential oils such as Sandalwood Essential Oil (absolute) or Yuzu Essential Oil are popular for this.
  • Add a Custom Line of Products: Often, your clients may ask to purchase your massage cream, lotion or essential oils for home use. This is an opportunity for you to increase your revenue and keep your clients returning. RainShadow Labs offers Custom Manufacturing, Wholesale and Private Label product sales, giving you the unique ability to customize a singular line of products especially tailored for your clients.
Whether you're simply looking to purchase your product in bulk to save money or you are wanting to expand your business to include a Private Label line of products, RainShadow Labs will provide you with a singular buying experience. We partner with you to bring the most innovative and high-end lotions, creams and essential oils to your clientele.

DIY Projects

From candles to bath bombs and homemade detergent to facial cream, people all over the US are making their own products utilizing essential oils. You only have to search YouTube to find and download videos on almost any project you could think of (and probably more!). Some of the most popular projects and DIY uses for essential oils are:

  • Bath Products: It can get expensive to buy bath bombs, salts, oils and scrubs. However, when you make them yourself, it can be much more affordable. With a few simple products such as: coarse sea salt, epsom salts, baking soda and jojoba oil you could be well on your way to creating your own products and saving money. Be creative with the essential oils you choose. Perhaps add a few drops of our Citrus Blossom, or our signature Aphrodite Essential Oil Blend.
  • Skin Care: With so many chemicals and synthetic ingredients in the top beauty and skin care products on the market, it has never been more popular or essential to go natural and organic with our skin care. This leaves the door open to DIY your own premium skin care. Whether you're mixing a DIY facial scrub, lotion, perfume or mask, our premium essential oils can add both aromatherapy benefits as well as support healthy, clear skin. 
  • Household Products: Why stop with skin care? Essential oils are being used in a myriad of ways from insect repellant and air freshener to cleaning solutions and disinfectants. There are so many versatile ways to utilize your essential oil stockpile! 

RainShadow Labs works closely with large companies, spas, massage therapists and the average DIY-er to provide an array of essential oils of exceptional quality. We are proud to say we are a cruelty-free facility, 100% wind powered and use recycled packaging and shipping materials. We believe that preserving our environment for future generations is a goal worth achieving. Our dedicated customer service team is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have or to begin your order. Simply call 503-366-3413 to get started.