Hydrating Restore Serum Reminder

*|FNAME|*, your skin needs three things to thrive.

It needs to be hydrated.
It needs to be constantly supported to renew itself.
And it needs to be protected from inflammation.

Give it these three things, and it's guaranteed to glow.

But skincare products that claim to heal and restore the skin are everywhere. So we set out to create a formula that sits above the rest.
It's called Hydrating Restore Serum, and it does exactly what it sounds like: hydrate and restore your skin!

It begins with our 100% natural aloe base. Do a little digging and you'll soon find that carbomer-free and natural serum bases are basically non-existent. This alone makes Hydrating Restore Serum a valuable and competitive addition to your line.

We used botanical hyaluronic acid, panthenol and cucumber for the hydrating portion of this serum because...they work! Really really well. In our experience, using hyaluronic acid is one of the fastest ways to start seeing results in the skin. It's like an overnight fine line and firming treatment (hello "instant" results!). 

The panthenol's there because it helps your cells hold onto water, and the cucumber keeps everything juicy and soothed.

And to restore? We used a mix of:
  • MSM 
  • seaweed ferment
  • jojoba oil
  • and amino acids 
MSM is basically a no-brainer for rebuilding damaged tissue. It's a must and chances are you'll find it in almost all our formulas. Scars (and anything that could cause them) especially benefit from MSM.

You can think of seaweed ferment like a wellness shot for your skin. All the minerals it needs to function are right there. This might not sound like much, but trust that proper skin function and beauty go hand in hand.

When it comes to skin restoration, jojoba oil is one of the best ingredients for the job! It helps your skin produce the right amount of oil for itself. And it's also easily absorbed and super rich in vitamin E.

And similar to the minerals in seaweed, amino acids are like building blocks. But for collagen. Which is a big deal! Without a healthy collagen base, your skin just isn't going to be plump and firm.

It's what fills in those wrinkles and lines. And helps keep everything from sagging and caving in- something pretty much all your customers want and, let's face it, all of us need.

Hydrating Restore Serum has a natural cucumber aroma mixed with just a hint of citrus essential oils and a smooth, easy glide. The texture is light and soaks in quick. And it has a mildly opaque appearance.

With daily exposure to pollution, high stress jobs, premature aging and damage from things like acne, who can afford NOT to hydrate and restore their skin?!

Order your sample here.

Or send your email to [email protected] to inquire about adding Hydrating Restore Serum to your private label line. 

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