Hydro Plus Line Launch

What's a tell tale sign that something is dead? It becomes dry, shriveled, empty of life giving water.

All living things depend on water, and that includes the life of your skin.

The more plump, juicy and youthful your skin looks, the more cellular water it has. 

So naturally, it makes sense to do everything you can to keep that water from drying up and leaving your face sad and shriveled.

And that's where Hydro Plus comes in!

It's a 3-part offering of life giving products for your thirsty and aging skin. 

It features a cooling gelanti aging eye cream and skin plumping facial cream. And is like a drink of water for your skin x10.

x1000 actually, thanks to the 1000x moisture holding abilities of our star ingredient: botanical hyaluronic acid.

It's cruelty free and wondrously effective. In fact, hyaluronic acid is such a big deal that your skin already contains its very own hyaluronic acid store!

What's sad is that this storehouse of moisture declines over time. Which makes your skin look thin, saggy and lacking.

But thanks to high quality topical hyaluronic acid (ahem...like the one included in our Hydro Plus line) you can easily replace what would otherwise be lost and restore your skin to plump, radiant softness.

We also included MSM.


Because this naturally occurring sulfur is used by the body to keep connective tissues, hair, nails and skin strong and smooth. It also helps the skin heal from trauma, often to the tune of scar-free! 

Then, organic aloe firms. 

Plant stem cells boost collagen production.

And papaya fruit extract provides a daily dose of antioxidants. 

Hydro Plus-type products are popping up all over the place. With huge demand and interest.

Simply put, customers want hydrated, plump and dewy skin. At all times. No matter the weather, how much sleep they had, or if they're wearing makeup.

But so many of the hydro-type products on the market right now are non-natural and silicon based.

RSL's Hydro Plus line doesn't compromise on quality. AND easily competes with popular non-natural products on the market.

With a light blue color and natural plant based scent blend, this line is both fun and effective.

You can order individual samples here--> Eye Treatment, Gel Cream, Water Gel.

And email [email protected] to get this added to your private label lineup ASAP.

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