Immortal Blue: Uses & Benefits of Blue Tansy Essential Oil

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 12/11/2013 to Oils

Blue Tansy Essential Oil (also known as Moroccan Chamomile) is a highly curative oil. The word tansy comes from the Greek word “Athanaton” meaning “immortal” because Blue Tansy has real tissue regenerating abilities! Though it’s light, botanic aroma makes it lovely for a subtle personal scent, the real power of this deep blue distillation is in its medicinal effectiveness.

The wild healing properties of Blue Tansy Essential Oil stem from the azulene pigment that gives the oil its striking sapphire color.  The high quantity of azulene gives Blue Tansy Oil the ability to heal burns, blisters, acne, boils, dermatitis, eczema and rashes.  As a tissue regenerator, Blue Tansy Oil is a soothing antidote to both wounds and wrinkles.  You can apply Blues Tansy Oil “neat" on the skin or mixed into a carrier oil.

Inhaling Blue Tansy Essential Oil is also known to have therapeutic benefits.  As an anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory, Blue Tansy Oil is particularly useful for people with asthma, emphysema, pet or indoor allergies and anyone in need of respiratory support.  Place a few drops in an ultrasonic or nebulizing diffuser and let the molecules of Blue Tansy Oil disperse throughout various rooms in your home.  Using an oil diffuser is a savvy way to cleanse and purify viruses, bacteria, pathogens and mold, sweeten the air and create positive ions.

Of course we can’t overlook the benefits of Blue Tansy Oil as aromatherapy and as a personal perfume.  Using Blue Tansy Oil for aromatherapy will help relax tension and ease fear and worry.  Blended with Spruce, Cypress, Lavender or Rosemary oil, Blue Tansy Oil encourages mental clarity and upliftment.  When blended with Rose or Frankincense oil, Blue Tansy Oil assists in grounding and peacefulness.  With its herbaceous, sweet, grassy scent, Blue Tansy Oil makes a chic, understated perfume

Beyond scent, Blue Tansy Essential Oil has energetic properties that can bring your personal energies into a higher resonance.  It is a very high vibrational oil, corresponding to a light, buzzy, etheric experience.  You are instantly brought into an ethereal frequency when you apply even a small amount of Blue Tansy Oil to your skin.

At RainShadow Labs, we are happy to offer you extra-pure Blue Tansy Essential Oil from Morocco for your all of your healing, perfume and transcendental needs!