It's Time For Thieves Oil

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 11/23/2016 to Oils

It’s that time of year again when everyone starts getting sick! School children, college students and anyone working around a lot of other people are especially affected, and boy does it suck! While there are lots of things you can do and preventative measures you can take to minimize your chances of getting sick, one of the more fun options is to utilize the Legendary Blend of Thieves. It smells fantastic, can be used in a myriad of ways, has a fun story to back it up and is an easy way to get essential oils into your life regularly. What’s not to love?

The legend goes that during the plague there was a band of thieves who went around robbing the deceased victims of this terrible illness- and they did it all without catching the plague themselves! When they were finally caught by the king’s men they traded their secret recipe in exchange for their lives. Our Thieves recipe is based on the same one found in the Royal English Archives from the 15th century and is a little piece of history in every bottle.

This ancient recipe consists of Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Rosemary and Eucalyptus essential oils, and though this formula started a long time ago, we now have scientific evidence to support the time-tested results of the Legendary Blend of Thieves. For example, Weber State University has conducted research on Thief oil showing that it has a 99.96 percent kill rate against airborne bacteria. Research has also shown that this Legendary Blend of Thieves interrupts bacteria and interferes with the ability of viruses to replicate. Additionally, the individual oils of cinnamon and clove have been shown to completely disable the ability of viruses and bacteria to live in their presence.

As you can see, that old band of thieves really did have something going for them! Our personal favorite way to utilize the Legendary Blend of Thieves is to diffuse it so that the essential oil particles are airborne throughout our homes and even office! However, you can also use it to clean your home, place a dab neat on your wrist or behind your ears, or mix it into a DIY body and pillow spray you can mist over yourself and your things whenever you like. This formula is an RSL staple, and if you haven’t yet tried it, now is literally the perfect time to do so.