Jasmine: Queen of the Flowers

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 9/19/2014 to Oils

Whether we know it or not, scent is a powerful influencing force behind many of our actions. The pheromones released by our body odor inform others about the state of our hormonal health and potential biological compatibility. And just as our own pheromones alter human brain chemistry, so too do the pheromones of plants. Some cause a state of relaxation, others cause mental alertness, while others even act as aphrodisiacs. Jasmine essential oil has long been regarded as an exotic botanical aphrodisiac, and has an ancient  history of ceremonial use.

Jasmine means “fragrant flower” in Arabic, and the name is truly fitting. It is a night blooming flower, and so the blooms must be picked in the evening and distilled before the next sunrise, when their aroma is most potent. It is a popular flower used in Indian religious ceremonies and the beautiful white buds are even used to decorate a new bride for her wedding night because- you guessed it – they act as an aphrodisiac.

Jasmine’s aroma is a heady mix of musk and exotic floral notes and it has often been used in perfume blends for this reason. Jasmine essential oil stimulates the brain to release a neurotransmitter known as enkephalin. Enkephalin promotes an internal state of calm, well being, pleasure, and even feelings of euphoria. It is in this way that jasmine essential oil works on the human brain to create feelings of love and desire and is the reason why it has been known as an oil of intoxicated love and sensuality for centuries.

Another reason jasmine’s aroma encourages affection is because it calms the mind and soothes nervous tension. As we all must surely know, being awkward and nervous around your sweetheart can often spell disaster! Jasmine essential oil soothes your anxieties so that you can be calm, cool, and smelling good for your sweetie.

From your own biological pheromones, to the pheromones secreted by plants, the science of scents is an alluring and enjoyable way to alter your neurochemistry according to your desires. Jasmine essential oil is a beautiful oil to use as a perfume, but it does more than just make you smell good! Place a couple drops neatly on your wrists, neck or temples to soothe nervous tension, clear your mind, and inspire an exotic and gentle sense of pheromone filled euphoria.