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IMAGE PRESSWORKS and CRAFTSMAN LABEL believe passion is paramount and we’re passionate about helping you create a brand that get people excited. We also believe your time is valuable. With that in mind our two companies have teamed up to help make the branding and production process easy. We work closely with RainShadow Labs to assure your products meet all their production standards.


Label Impressions, Inc. 

Label Impressions, Inc. is a high quality green label and flexible packaging printer and a source for unique eco-friendly products. They are the exclusive supplier of FiberStone® tree-free, water-free, waterproof stone paper (

Among Label Impressions, Inc. eco-friendly printing options are eco-friendly paper labels that are tree-free and 100% waterproof, water based or soy ink printed labels, and 100% wind powered, carbon offset printed labels.

Label Impressions believes you deserve a green printing solution that involves more choices. Let them show you what is possible in green printing without compromising your budget. Label Impressions, Inc. is that Green Printer!

Being an FSC certified printer and a carbon neutral company, Label Impressions, Inc. understands that there are many ways to print green. They also know that not all printing projects can be printed 100% green. With just one phone call their sustainability consultants can point you in the right direction and guide you through the process of printing packaging, and marketing materials in a more green and sustainable manner. Label Impressions, Inc., Inc.
phone: 714-634-3466
fax: 714-634-3468
E-mail: [email protected]

FiberStone® short run labels are here!  What is FiberStone you ask?
Tree-Free Water-Proof Stone Paper:
NO Water Consumption
NO Bleaching Chemicals
NO Air Pollution

Label Impressions, Inc., Inc. has initiated the patent process on stone paper labels and is pleased to bring FiberStone® label stock to market. FiberStone® labels are completely waterproof- inks adhere without the need for varnishes or overlaminates!

You've been asking and they've been working hard on a short run label option for you. Label Impressions, Inc. is happy to announce that they've perfected our digital coating and are now able to offer short run digital labels.

Whether you need 5, 50 or 500 labels Label Impressions, Inc. can accommodate you! Call or email today for a custom quote on your short run FiberStone® label project!

Label Impressions

Rose City Label 

Rose City Label is a full service label design and printing company.  Since 2003 we have partnered with Rainshadow to help nearly 100 boutique cosmetics companies just like you get their product off the ground.  With traditional, long run roll label printing, you will never outgrow Rose City Label, but SHORT RUN DIGITAL ROLL LABELS are now a huge part of our business.  No plates, no film, and no setup fees make these an ideal choice for your product.  We are a Clackamas County certified Green business and we look forward to helping you.

See our company in action at our website -

Call us today at 800-547-9920. 

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Labeling with RainShadow Labs and what you need to know:

If we are applying the label for you, make sure to see the label specifications below (rewind #4 with 3 inch core and no overlap on the bottle or on the roll).


Do your homework. Please check out the FDA website for up-to-date information on labeling requirements. We will evaluate your label for your ingredient decks and proper fill quantities, but we will not get involved in any marketing or labeling claims.

Contract Packaging - More information on Labeling:

  • When making your labels allow extra time to get them to us. Your production time quote does not start until we receive all items to be used in your order production such as labels, bottles, fragrance, or special ingredients.
  • Paper labels should be coated with a UV or similar coating to avoid scuffing of the label in transport. It is preferable for toiletries with paper labels to have a coating to guard against smearing when they come in contact with moisture. Consult your label professional for additional help.
  • Make sure your label company tests its adhesive on the type of bottle you are using, whether ours or other packaging.
  • We must see and approve the shape and size of your labels prior to quoting pricing and scheduling on a production run. Odd shapes or sizes may not fit on our assembly machine and may require hand labeling, which is more expensive.
  • The label core size required to fit on our machine is a 3 core. Please let your label company know.
  • Ship the labels to: RainShadow Labs, Attn: Susan, 300 Port Ave, St Helens, OR 97051.