Lavender Essential Oils

A long day of work, school, or just your daily routine can make finding time and space to relax essential. This can sometimes feel difficult to do with limited time, making a simple solution for relaxation a much-needed resource. Essential oils have a variety of purposes, but one of their primary uses is for easy, at-home relaxation. Putting a few drops of an essential oil, like lavender, into a bath or even on your pillow before you sleep can make all the difference in feeling calm. Learn more about Lavender Essential Oils today.

When you use products from RainShadow Labs you are investing in the best. With our selection of natural, organic and locally sourced pure essential oils we bring the spa right to your door. Learn more about the origins of essential oils, the ingredients we use in our oils and discover the many ways you can relax with Lavender essential oils.

Origins of Essential Oils

Lavender is a beautiful, purple flowering plant that is native to the Mediterranean but can be grown under similar conditions that include mild winters and bright, warm summers. Though many choose to source their lavender from places such as France, we like to keep things close to home and thus source our lavender essential oil right here in Oregon.

Some of the early uses of Lavender included baths and the Romans used it as a perfume for their hair. It was also used for pure relaxation. In our modern world lavender is still used for all of these things, because it works!

As essential oil popularity has continued to rise and oils such as Lavender and Peppermint have become household names, it’s important to note that not all essential oils are created equal. Many oils on the market are diluted and cut with cheap fragrances, which in turn not only makes it so that the oil does not smell as pure, but the beneficial properties are compromised in the process.

Organic Ingredients

Our essential oils only ever include natural and organic pure plants. Nothing more, nothing less. This helps us maintain superior ingredient and product quality that can be seen, felt and smelled in all of our products, including essential oils such as lavender.

Discover Its Uses

Lavender essential oils can be used for a variety of purposes including:

  • Relaxation
  • Skincare
  • Aromatherapy
  • and more!

The possibilities are endless when you use pure, organic essential oils. Start experimenting to find your favorite way to use your essential oil after a long day. Try it in a bath, over a candle or get creative and start discovering new ways Lavender can be used.

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