Vanessa Johansson

CEO and Chief Custom Designer

As the resident Alchemist, CEO, and Chief Custom Designer for RainShadow Labs, Vanessa Johansson has a well-rounded experiential and educational base from which she lends her talents. With the intention to be an instrument for health and healing on this planet, Vanessa endlessly strives to create the most effective skin care products in the world. Vanessa spent ten years in the field studying plant medicines intensively, including a five-year apprenticeship with a Huichol elder and medicine man, three years with a Seminole Native American medicine man, and Shamans from both Guatemala and Peru. This unorthodox apprenticeship provides Vanessa with a depth, concern and creative capacity that is unique to the personal care product industry. As an Ambassador for the plant medicines of the world, Vanessas personal relationship with each unique plant ingredient utilized in our facility supports the creation of truly effective and synergistic formulations. With a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Holistic Health, Herbalism, and Aromatherapy, Vanessa is available to guide you through product design, key ingredient choices, formulating options, proprietary blends for your custom product line, as well as answer in detail any questions that you might have regarding how to create the most elegant, refined, effective, and impressive product line possible. For personalized help in this category, please contact Vanessa at [email protected]

Tim Johansson

Co-Owner and Corporate Visionary

RainShadow Labs offers a Business Development Program as an additional client service for existing and potential customers. Facilitated by Timothy Johansson, RSL Co-owner and Corporate Visionary and Business Strategist, the RainShadow Labs Business Development Program is designed to create a roadmap to success by helping our customers and potential customers think bigger and smarter; plan and execute effectively and efficiently; increase revenue and profits and ultimately enhance personal and professional fulfillment Business Development Services are charged at an hourly rate of $95.00 per hour with a free initial 30 minute information gathering session. To contact Tim directly, email him at [email protected]