Leather EO Blend Reminder

What's your favorite smell, *|FNAME|*?

Fresh baked bread? Lavender? Rain?

A telltale sign of a good smell is depth. Dimension. 

What's known in aromatherapy as "notes".

And sometimes in order to hit all the right notes, you have to combine individual scents.

Like recently, we wanted to have a blend on hand that we could reach for when nothing else would do the trick. When we needed that special something. 

That extra level of depth that nothing else would bring.

So we created it.
Leather essential oil blend.

Inspired by the feel and smell of timeless and perfectly cared for leather, we used oils like vetiver and rockrose, benzoin resin and sandalwood.

On its own it smells deep, slightly pungent and resinous. With a warmth in its undertones and an almost undetectable spice, our Leather blend has notes of brightness that balance it out.

It's comforting and sophisticated at the same time.

We even used it to help create our new oil blend, His Neck

It practically begs to be used as a private label candle scent. And would be fantastic in soaps and body butters too.

You could also wear it on its own as a very sultry, grounded and earthy "perfume/cologne".

Whatever way you use it, you'll want to order your sample here.

And send Emily an email to add Leather Essential Oil Blend to your private label line.

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