Lemon Essential Oil: Everyday Household Hero

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 9/26/2014 to Oils

In a day and age when most of us are running around with very busy schedules, products that cover more than one base at a time are invaluable. Lemon essential oil is a fragrant and uplifting essential oil that you can use to clean your house, keep your immune system healthy, and clear your mind of stress and stagnation.  

Lemon essential oil is the perfect essential oil to use for cleaning your house; simply place a few drops in a spray bottle of your favorite cleaner or vinegar, and go to town! It has very strong antibacterial properties that make it an excellent disinfectant and surface cleaner. It is worth noting that lemon essential oil has been documented to kill meningococcal bacteria in fifteen minutes, typhoid bacilli in one hour, staph in two hours and diphtheria in twenty minutes! Clearly it is very effective at keeping things clean and free of harmful and potentially infectious bacteria.

Lemon essential oil also strengthens the human immune system by stimulating the body to produce more white blood cells. It is calming to the psyche and so cleaning with it actually calms you down! It promotes mental alertness and increases concentration, while also removing mental fatigue. On those days when you just need a little extra boost of inspiration and energy, a spritz of lemon essential oil in some water, or simply a drop placed neat on the temples, will provide you with the energetic boost and upliftment you were looking for.

Even though the refreshing aroma of lemon will permeate throughout your home simply by using it to clean, you can also put it in a diffuser to make your house smell sweet and bright. According to one Japanese study, after Lemon essential oil was diffused throughout a busy office, typing errors decreased by 54%. If your children have homework to do, or you are working on an important project, diffusing lemon throughout the house will help you and your kids stay focused and productive.

On those busy days when you have too much to do, and the very last thing you want is to spend your time cleaning- remember that you have lemon in your cabinet! Allow the light and fruity aroma to inspire and energize as you clean, use a couple drops as an uplifting perfume, or place some in your diffuser and allow lemon’s sunny phytochemistry to percolate throughout your home.