Marketing and Selling Your Product

When a business engages in a private label partnership, they delegate the manufacturing and formulation to a third party manufacturer and free up their own time and resources for marketing and selling, such as selecting an attention-grabbing label that matches your brand voice and personality. Take a look at how the most successful private label skincare products are labeled and packaged, and design a label that reflects your target market. Carefully consider the fonts, packaging material, size, color, and each ingredient included in the product.

For businesses who are new to private label, we provide a list of packaging and labeling vendors that have worked with us in the past. However, feel free to use any packaging vendor that best suits your needs. The friendly customer service team at RainShadow Labs understands that marketing and selling a new product can be challenging. We are committed to making the private label process seamless and stress-free, and our representatives are available for any questions or obligation-free consultations. Make your private label brand an easy sale with RainShadow Labsâ€Ã¢â€žÂ¢ all-natural skincare products.

How to Market Your Private Label Brand

The most important part of private label marketing is the product quality. Choosing the right skincare manufacturer may be the most important determiner of a successful private label. RainShadow Labs has been launching private label brands for over 30 years. Consumers around the world are switching to natural skincare products because of the proven side effects of synthetic ingredients found in many popular lotions. By choosing natural and organic products that are expertly formulated and produced, this becomes a thing of the past.

Other suggested marketing techniques include social media posting, press releases, and public giveaways. Simply displaying the product for current customers will attract their attention. If they like the product or receive a good deal on it, they may tell their friends and increase your brand awareness. Environmentally friendly packaging may also appeal to customers looking for all-natural skincare products.

How Selling Private Label Products Is Better for Business

Filling an inventory with name-brand products creates large manufacturing fees, and managers donâ€Ã¢â€žÂ¢t have much control over pricing. Name-brand products may help attract customers to your store, but private label products are what turns customers into followers of your brand. A successful private label will keep customers coming back for your exclusive product, resulting in increased brand awareness and revenue.

Gyms, coffee shops, and spas can use private label products to upsell customers and tap into a growing industry. With a growth of nearly 10% each year since 2016, the natural skincare industry is booming, and businesses looking to stay ahead of the trend will consider launching a skincare private label.

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