Men-Where the Action Is!!

RainShadow Labs has an outstanding array of men’s products that will add depth, diversity and profits to your skin care business. Worldwide sales of skin care products specifically designed for men reached $29.7 billion in 2006, up from $23.5 billion in 2005 and men’s products are growing at three times the rate of the overall market in the United States.


MHRTC—Organic Shaving Crème
SBAP—Apricot Kernel Scrub
LAN—Organic Ultra-Lift Night Treatment
LS—Natural Body Frosting
AEG- Organic Peptide Eye Gel
SUG- Sugar Scrub

While more and more men are purchasing men’s products, often it is the woman in the man’s life that is making the purchase, so consider adding these four products targeted for men. They are certain to add depth and diversity to your product line!

We also have many fragrances and essenial oils that would be a great addition to these products (we can fragrance them for you at 5-gallon minimums). Some suggestions are the Bamboo Fragrance, the Eternity for Men fragrance match, the Woody Herbal fragrance, our Lemongrass Essential Oil, or our Sandalwood Blend Essential Oils.

MHRTC Organic Shaving Creme: This is a non-foaming, all-natural shaving crème designed to work as a one-two punch—moisturizing and facilitating and the best shaving experience EVER!!!!
1- gallon $28.00 per gallon
5-gallon bucket $23.00 per gallon

SBAP Organic Apricot Kernel Scrub: Let’s face it—Scrubs are fun!!!! And our Apricot Kernel Pumice Scrub is a perfect post-shave skin tightener with herbs and botanicals. If you have tried this in the past, try it again because we have re-done the formula!
1-gallon $38.00 per gallon
5-gallon bucket $30.00 per gallon

LAN Organic Ultra Lift Treatment: Hey, men are increasingly interested in maintaining youth and vitality and our Organic Ultra-Lift Night Treatment is the perfect addition for the man who is dedicated to creating a life of health and wellness!
1-gallon $64.00 per gallon (comes in four 32-ounce jars)
5-gallon bucket $50.00 per gallon

LS Natural Body Frosting: Nothing beats our Body Frosting as an all-natural moisturizer. Containing our hand crushed wild shea butter this is a lotion that will work its magic on even the most calloused skin!!
1-gallon $44.00 per gallon
5-gallon bucket $37.00 per gallon

AEG Organic Peptide Eye Gel… the most masculine eye treatment we ever conceived….and completely essential for maintenance around those “Big Boy Peepers”. Leaves a matte finish; includes cooling aloe-vera, and superpowered peptides. Your Men’s Line is incomplete without this product in it.
4pk (four 32oz bottles) $38.00/per pack
5-gallon bucket $27.00/per gallon

SUG Sugar Scrub….smooth, sexy, and decidedly Macho for the pre-shave prep in the shower, or the all over body treatment post shave. Quick and easy to use, yet results are seen and felt long after this Afrikan Shea Butter Sugar Scrub experience has ended. Prevents as well as treats ingrown hairs, while moisturizing neglected skin wherever he fancies; A streamlined approach to a quality cleansing regimen for Him.
1-gallon $46.00/per gallon
5-gallon bucket $41.00/per gallon

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