NEW! Essential Oil Starter Kit

Posted by Rainshadow Labs on 1/9/2017 to Oils

It might seem like there’s a big divide between experienced essential oil lovers and up and coming newbies. Those who know their stuff can seem intimidating to those who just barely became acquainted with their first 5. But in reality, the gap isn’t that big, and we just made it a whole lot smaller. Instead of having to decide between the huge selection of essential oils and trying to narrow down the most necessary ones to have on hand, make things easy on yourself and go with a starter kit. Made up of seven of the most versatile, effective, gentle and swoon worthy essential oils in our arsenal, our new essential oil starter kit is everything a brand new enthusiast and seasoned veteran could ask for.

A ½ oz amber glass bottle of each oil provides easy access to Lavender, Lemon, Tangerine, Frankincense, Rose, Peppermint and Ylang Ylang.

Our Lavender is 100% pure and the aroma proves it! Fantastic for skincare and relaxing aromatherapy, it’s easy to see why Lavender was included as an essential oil essential.

Lemon brings some sunshine into this kit with its naturally degreasing and uplifting properties.

Tangerine is a fun twist to regular orange essential oil with a slightly sweeter scent. Use in aromatherapy to soothe tension in the body and heart and to quell emotional unease.

Frankincense is the essential oil of psychological elevation and private label skincare pursuits that seek to help the skin look smooth and firm.

Rose is the Queen of the flowers and her loveliness translates onto your aromatic palate and oh so deserving dermis for beauty in all things physical and ethereal.

Peppermint is the do it all, wonderfully effective essential oil that can be used for basically everything.

And Ylang Ylang inspires open heartedness and a sense of euphoria with its exotic and in demand aroma.

Each of these seven essential oils can be used alone or blended together to create your own aroma therapeutic and private label skincare creations. This kit makes a fabulous gift and is equally valuable as an at home staple for all your skincare, meditation, DIY and aromatherapy needs. With this dynamic selection of the best of the best that the essential oil world has to offer, you’ll never find yourself with an issue that one of these oils can’t stand up to.