#NOFILTER Active Enzyme Peel Reminder

Have you ever had a chemical peel before?

Even a mild one?

They can be pretty great actually! Especially for people with seriously damaged and aged skin. 

The problem, though?

They're often pretty intense and require the help of a professional. Which means more money. And time.

Not to mention all that peeling and flaking.

And what if your skin doesn't respond well? 

We think there should be a solution for all who want the benefits that come from skin peels. Without the discomfort, high cost, and time commitment.

So we made one.
It's called #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Peel, and features our newest ingredient: fermented pomegranate enzymes.

Many peels use AHA's (think lactic acid peels, for example). While these are great, sometimes they can be sensitizing. Which means you gotta avoid things like the sunlight for a while afterwards.

Not so with our pomegranate enzyme ferment!

It's completely non-sensitizing. Perfectly resurfacing. And delivers the pomegranate's anti aging components right to your happy little cells.

Fine lines.
Texture issues.
They're all best friends with pomegranate enzyme ferment.

Guess who their other best friends are?


And papaya seed oil.

And organic aloe and Panthenol and lime hydrosol :).

When all that dead skin on top is sloughed away, these guys get to work rebuilding, restoring and making radiant your skin.

#NOFILTER Active Enzyme Peel can be used as often as you want. It's customizable and delivers the same fantastic results every time.

Need a skin care reset once a month? Great!

How about every other week? That works too!

It's all about what works best for your skin.

This product is perfect for spas and estheticians who want to give their clients an exfoliating treatment they don't have to recover from. It's great for Spring lines that need a refresh. And faces that are ready to greet the bright and warm days ahead of us. 

The aroma is essential oil based and smells like a flower-filled Spring day. The color is white. Its texture is smooth and slightly creamy.

And it's available right here.

If you'd like to inquire about adding #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Peel to your line, send Emily an email at [email protected].

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