#NOFILTER Active Enzyme Serum Launch

If there was one product that this industry couldn't do without, it would have to be the serum.

The holy grail of skincare formulations.
Easy to absorb.
Effortless to sink in.
And un-matched as an ingredient delivery system.

But how many of them help with exfoliation?

Sure, they brighten your skin in other ways. Help with fine lines and dark spots in other ways. But when it comes to dead skin, rarely do serums make the cut.

But they should!

Now more than ever, people want products that take care of everything in one go. And that absolutely includes what serum they use.

Which means it's time for a serum upgrade.
Enter: #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Serum. 

Still easy to absorb. Still sinks in effortlessly and is STILL un-matched as an ingredient delivery system.

The difference? It also exfoliates your skin. With antioxidant-filled fermented pomegranate enzymes!

They exfoliate the skin. Deliver antioxidants. AND make it easier to absorb all the other active ingredients in the formula.

Then, organic aloe tightens and tones.

MSM repairs and protects.

Rosehip seed oil moisturizes and balances.

The most researched mushroom on the planet, reishi, makes skin stronger, younger and more resistant to damage.

And our seaweed bioferment feeds the skin in a way nothing else can.

Oh yeah, and all of this is suspended in our 100% natural serum base.

In a crowded marketplace where anti aging serums are all the rage, it's a big deal to have one that also takes the place of an enzyme mask. Or scrub. Or any other exfoliating treatment.

It has a completely natural, essential oil based smell. Goes onto the skin easy and soaks in nicely.

It's gentle enough for your customers who have more sensitive skin but still want the benefits that come from exfoliating.

And effective enough for those who rely on regular exfoliation to keep from breaking out.

Email [email protected] to inquire about adding #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Serum to your private label line.

Or order your sample here.

RainShadow Labs, 300 Port Ave, St Helens, OR 97051 Ph: 503-366-3413, fax: 503-366-3400, www.rainshadowlabs.com email: [email protected]

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