Natural Cosmetics Private Label

The products we use on our skin don’t just stay on the surface. Many commercial skin-care products contain toxins that not only may irritate your skin, but the parabens and sulfates can do lasting damage to your body. The damage caused by synthetic beauty products is preventable, which is why many customers are switching to products with all-natural ingredients instead.

RainShadow Labs leads the way in manufacturing organic products with raw ingredients designed to harness the power of Mother Nature. Our products don’t contain petrochemicals, sulfates, or artificial colors. Our mission is to provide quality cosmetic products to individuals and communities. Businesses that partner with RainShadow Labs as their private label manufacturer are committed to protecting the environment and the health of their customers. Our eco-friendly and irritation-free lotions and cremes are effective and gentle, and your customers will love them.

Benefits of Natural Cosmetics

The main benefit of natural cosmetics is that they are actually good for the skin and allow consumers to avoid the harmful ingredients found in synthetic products. The antioxidants, peptides, and glycolic and alpha hydroxyl acids in our cremes, lotions, and scrubs will leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and soft. Unlike synthetic products that clog pores, our organic lotions work at the cellular level to regenerate dry skin.

At RainShadow Labs, we do our part to prevent environmental damage by making sure our manufacturing process is waste-free. Our facility is 100% wind powered, and we don’t test our products on animals. Our products are botanically powered, and they are available for wholesale or private label. We help businesses attract loyal customers by providing products that rejuvenate the skin and promote overall dermal wellbeing.

Why Choose Private Label?

Business owners have to wear many hats. If their divided attention is spread too thin, some aspects of their business can suffer. Partnering with a retail manufacturer allows business owners to focus their efforts on marketing and selling the product, instead of formulating, producing, packaging and labeling. RainShadow Labs has 30 years of private label experience. We custom make each product according to the needs of your customers. Spas looking to stock their back bar with private label products will benefit from RainShadow Labs research specialization. We excel at customer service, and we make sure that you get exactly the product that you need.

After choosing to partner with RainShadow Labs, we will have you fill out a form where you describe the look and feel of the product you have in mind. Other details include what result you want the product to deliver, and what ingredients are essential to the formation. Our experts will consult with you on how different ingredients work with others, and what would work best for your custom product.

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