New Gel Base Launch

You might not know this about us, but...

We're obsessed with mushrooms!

Yep, mushrooms.

In fact, we're so obsessed that we used them to make a new, 100% Natural Aloe Gel base!

The skincare market is full of clear gels. And most of them are not totally natural. Which means most "natural" products out there aren't actually natural!

Not anymore.

Now, thanks to a handy dandy little mushroom in the sclerotium family, you and your customers can kiss synthetic skincare goodbye.

For good.

Because our new formula is made and thickened with only natural ingredients, we're able to offer you a synthetic carbomer and acrylate free product base. Something most manufacturers simply can't.

Before this, the only 100% natural products out there were things like oil serums and tubs of shea butter. But we both know that not everyone wants to oil cleanse! Now, that large handful of customers doesn't have to go without.

They can have what they want too. And so can you.

This is the perfect opportunity to up your game, give your customers what they want and stand out from the crowd of competition.

It's also the perfect way for us to offer you truly afforadable natural skincare that works.

For you. And your customers.

While we love our trusty Aloe base, Natural Aloe Gel can handle a wider pH range and is very stable at high temperatures. 

With a mildly transluscent appearance, Natural Gel has a texture that can easily take the place of your current product's base (or serve as the base for your upcoming project). Think new and improved serums, lotions, scrubs, cleansers- you name it!

It's natural. Versatile. And effective. 

You can get it in our Buy Direct store.

And you can even switch over to Natural Gel if any of your private label products currently use our aloe base.

Order your sample here, and shoot us an email at [email protected] if you'd like to add Natural Gel to your private label lineup. 

P.S. Want to switch over to Natural Gel? Not sure if your product uses our aloe instead? Below is the full list of stock products that currently contain our aloe base:

  • AACT Anti Cellulite Gel
  • AAEC Anti Oxidant Eye Cream
  • AAMFF Daytime Firming Fluid
  • ABC Blueberry Cranberry Oxygen Scrub
  • ABF Body Perfecting Serum
  • ABMSM MSM Wellness Gel
  • ABR Bamboo Cranberry Antioxidant Scrub
  • ABT Blemish Clearing Mask
  • ACET Multi Acid Eye Treatment
  • ACG Cooling Cucumber and Spirulina Gel
  • AEBG Eye Bright Gel
  • AEBP Exfoliating Body Polish
  • AEG Peptide Complex Eye Gel
  • AEO Antioxidant Toner
  • AFH Hydrating Toner
  • AFPS Foot Polishing Scrub
  • AGDT Glycolic Derm Treatment Serum
  • AHB Hydration Bomb Mask
  • AHCL Super Youth Eye Cream
  • AHG Intensive Heat Gel
  • AMGH Coconut Milk and Honey Moisture Cleanser
  • AMST Mens's After Shave Toner
  • AOF Oil Free Lotion
  • AONL Non Oil Lotion
  • AOTC Oil Free Toning Lotion
  • APMFF Nighttime Firming Fluid
  • APRT ProX Radiance Toner
  • APSN Post Sun Nutrient Serum
  • ARBSI Improved Brightening Serum
  • ARG Relaxation Gel
  • ARH Hyaluronic Acid Serum
  • ARL Oil Free Repair Lotion
  • AROM Ocean Mineral Serum
  • ARR Resurfacing Serum
  • ARRI Anti Wrinkle Resfurfacing Serum
  • ARRS/ARRSI Retinol Serum
  • ARSR Skin Renewal Serum
  • ASCR Stem Cell Reverse Age Serum
  • ASCT Anti Aging Clear Skin Toner
  • ASG Shaving Gel
  • ASWB Facial Cleansing Souffle
  • ATS Green/White Tea Antioxidant Scrub
  • AVC Vitamin C Eye Gel
  • AWC Waterless Hand Cleanser
  • AWHC Botanical Waterless Hand Cleanser
  • BBMO Therapeutic Ultra Massage Cream
  • G2AS Hibiscus Foaming Scrub
  • G2AW Antioxidant Wash
  • G2BG Gentle Wash for Babies
  • G2MW Men's Hair/Body Wash
  • G2NA Aloe Wash
  • G2NAC Clear Skin Face Wash
  • G2NAO Ocean Mineral Wash
  • G2NAS Thick and Gentle Shampoo
  • G2NASA Acne/Sensitive Face Wash
  • G2NS Sulfate Free Conditioning Shampoo
  • G2SW Seaweed Wash
  • G2VC Vitamin C Wash
  • LALO Souffle Moisture
  • LUMR Cleansing Milk/Makeup Remover
  • QRSB Serum Base
  • QVFB Curative Foot Balm
  • QVFT-G All In One Toner
  • QVHB Healing Hand Balm
  • QVMT Moisture Treatment for Sensitive/Acne Skin
  • QVPS Peptide Complex Serum

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