No More Red Calming Serum Reminder


Roses and redness have always gone together.

And we're not just talking nursery rhymes and petal color schemes.

We're talking skincare.

When it comes to redness and irritation, nothing is more soothing and restorative than rose. And when it's time to add a nice and natural glow, rose takes the cake too. Basically, it brings color where it's needed and takes it out when it's not.

You know what else does that? Our No More Red Calming Serum. 
This serum is all about bringing calm, clear beauty where things are angry and irritated. 'Cause your skin's like that sometimes.

It's formulated with our 100% natural aloe base. Along with some of the best ingredients for calming redness and bringing balance to the skin.

Two of the most noteworthy being niacinamide and panthenol. 

Both are absolute pros at neutralizing and preventing redness and irritation. Not to mention redness' cousin: dark spots. Panthenol is also phenomenal for those suffering from acne. And both ingredients help with moisture retention and collagen production. So your skin gets a double dose of care.

Other ingredients like CoQ10 calm, soothe and protect the skin. A big deal since excess redness is usually the result of irritation and over-exposure! CoQ10 takes care of things so your skin doesn't erupt in angry red.
Cooling cucumber and aloe help to dissipate heat and inflammation. And the polysaccharides and vitamin E from the aloe promote better skin elasticity. Which is great since, even though we want that pesky redness to go away, we also want our skin to look tight and smooth!

These two ingredients make sure you can offer your customers exactly that.

We also included rose's extract and floral wax in this serum.


Because together they seal in moisture, soothe irritation and balance the skin. Rose is also fantastic at healing scars and damaged tissue. So while your redness is getting soothed, the rest of your skin is getting rebuilt.

Basically, our No More Red Calming Serum is an all-encompassing, skin-healing serum that expertly gets rid of redness.

And thanks to our pure cucumber hydrosol, it has a wonderful cucumber-rose aroma to compliment its slightly opaque, orange-pink color.

No More Red Calming Serum is available for private label and direct wholesale.

Order your sample here. And email [email protected] if you'd like to add this formula to your private label line.

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