#NoFilter Enzyme Lotion Reminder

The popularity of highlight tells us everything we need to know about current beauty standards; people want their skin to glow.

From every angle.

In every season.

All the time.

No matter what.

But let's be real here- sometimes your skin just isn't popping the way you want it to. Even if you have some highlight on.
Now, thanks to our new #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Lotion, the days of dull-looking skin are over.

Highlight or no highlight.

For you. And your customers.

And it's all thanks to some awesome fruit enzymes and botanical goodness.

#NOFILTER Active Enzyme Lotion uses a very special fermented pomegranate enzyme to gently eat away at the dead skin cells that block your shine. What's cool about this ingredient is that it's not just a fruit enzyme.

Because of the fermentation process, all of the beneficial compounds in the pomegranate are available to your skin! It's the ultimate AHA alternative and we are super excited to be using this material now. 

Once the pomegranate clean-up-crew moves through, MSM follows to repair, rebuild and strengthen. It's great for scars, wrinkles, sagging. You name it, and MSM most likely can help.

#NOFILTER also has Panthenol to keep things bright and hydrated.
Plant oils for moisture.
And seaweed for deep, necessary skin nutrition.

We included our proprietary blend of plant extracts because, let's be real, it wouldn't be a RainShadow formula without it! Reishi mushroom, nettle, papaya, green tea...you get the gist.

All of this is suspended in a light lotion base. It's white in color, easy to apply and fast to soak in.

The aroma is essential oil based and has notes of spring flowers and fresh citrus. It's bright, uplifting and just enough to be noticeable.

#NOFILTER Active Enzyme Lotion is the perfect Springtime offering. It's the best way to help your customer's skin welcome minimal-makeup weather. And to take advantage of our new and exciting pomegranate enzyme ferment.

Email [email protected] to inquire about adding #NOFILTER Active Enzyme Lotion to your line. And order your sample here.

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