Oils Curing Cancer

Posted by jeff on 4/19/2010 to Oils

Cancer is becoming more prevalent in the present day than it was in the past.  Research grows to help find a cure for this diverse and destructive illness.  There are many possible cures like radiation, but none of them come with a guarantee.

Current research is looking into the possibility of using natural essential oils as an anti-cancer agent.  Two of the most popular natural essential oils being researched are frankincense and lemongrass.  Natural essential oils are extracted straight from their plant and usually contain the plants aroma.

Lemongrass essential oil is distilled from Cymbopogon citratus leaves.  Lemongrass is very abundant and effective.  Lemongrass essential oil helps to kill cancer through inducing death in the cancer cells while leaving the healthy ones alive.

There was a study published in Chemico-biological Interactions May 2009 issue that demonstrated the effects of lemongrass oil on cancerous cells.  The study was conducted both in-vivo and in-vitro on colon cancer, neuroblastoma, breast cancer, and a connective tissue cancer.  In all cases the oil distinguished between healthy and cancer cells and induced natural cell death in only the cancerous cells.

Frankincense is extracted from the sap or resin of Olibanum trees.  These trees are mainly found in Ethiopia, Somalia, and India.   Throughout history frankincense has been a valued medical product.  Frankincense even goes back to the time when Jesus was born.  It is recorded that the wise men came and brought frankincense to Jesus.

Medical aroma therapists say that frankincense is the most effective immune system altering aromatic.  Frankincense appears to be so effective with cancer because it can distinguish between cancerous and healthy cells is an organ or tissue.  It also helps to cause the death of the cancerous cells while leaving the healthy cells alive.  Not even radiation or chemotherapy can distinguish between healthy or cancerous cells.

Frankincense contains a unique chemical compound called Boswellic acid.  This acid compound is an anti-inflammatory and repairs sun damaged skin.  It is Boswellic acids that cause a natural death in cancerous cells while leaving healthy cells alive.

These natural ways of curing cancer are a phenomenon and deserve further research.  Because using these essential oils is an alternative therapy, it is not being researched at this time.  It will take our government or large grass roots efforts to further the research of using essential oils as a therapy with cancer.