Organic Facial Cleanser

Your skin goes through a lot on any given day. It experiences stress from sun exposure, makeup products, free radicals in the air and even sweat on your face. This leaves your skin in desperate need of cleansing and rejuvenation. Many unwanted skin imperfections come from leaving these elements on your face, which can lead to breakouts and irritated skin. Learn how you can give your skin the fresh look and feel it deserves with organic facial cleansers.

When you use products from RainShadow Labs you are giving it the relief it needs from the daily buildup of toxins on your face. Our products go deeper than the surface level components of removing makeup or cleansing skin, getting to the root of the problem and aiding in transforming your face to look and feel happier and healthier. Learn more about daily skin care routines, the ingredients we use in our products and how they help give you a deep cleanse that aids the skin rejuvenation process.

Daily Skin Care Routine

Before you begin using any of our organic facial cleansers, it is important to understand best practices so you can see results from our products. While many people use facial cleansers at night to wash off the day’s buildup on their face, when and how you wash your face still makes a difference.

The time of day you cleanse your face really depends on personal preference. Some people like to do it in the morning, others in the evening, and some twice a day. If you’re not sure which time to choose, we recommend cleansing in the evening so you can “wash the day” from your face.

When you cleanse your face you should always wet it and apply the cleanser with warm water. This feels great to wake up to and helps you relax before going to bed, but it also helps to open up your pores. Your pores need to be open so that the ingredients from our organic facial cleansers can sink down to the cellular level and begin working on keeping your skin young and healthy.

When you apply the cleanser be sure to not rub too hard and irritate your skin. Apply the cleanser in circular motions with your fingertips, working it into every area of your face.

When it is time to rinse the cleanser off, it is best to use warm water, and perhaps finishing with cooler water. This closes your pores, locking in the nutrients from the cleanser while also blocking out environmental factors that could begin to build up throughout the day. It is also a good rule of thumb to wait 5-10 minutes before applying makeup to ensure that your pores have had time to soak in the ingredients.

Now that you have learned more about proper cleansing techniques, check out how our ingredients do more for you.

Ingredients That Do More

Our organic ingredients were chosen with you in mind. Many products only include trace amounts of the helpful ingredients they advertise and more often than not, unnatural chemicals are added to these products to make up the difference.

Our products contain pure, organic ingredients made in our zero-waste, eco-friendly manufacturing center in the heart of St. Helens, Oregon. We use ingredients that soothe, refresh and revitalize your face after each wash. Some of these amazing active ingredients in our products include:

  • Coconut Milk
  • Organic Aloe
  • Organic Honey
  • Hibicius
  • Seaweed
  • and more!

Check out our Buy Direct store to find out which of our facial cleansing products are right for your skin today.

Cleanse Not Clog

After a long day, your skin is looking for a little refreshment before bed. Facial cleansers are designed to help remove all of the debris from the day and give your face a chance to breathe without product on at night. However, many facial cleansers may do the job of removing make-up or residue from the day, but these products tend to clog your pores or irritate your skin, causing more unwanted issues.

Free your skin from the burden of daily toxins and unlock the power of organic ingredients when you use products from RainShadow Labs. While it is impossible to control what your skin is faced with each day, you can control what cleanser you use to wash it all away with in the morning and at night. The choice is made easy with our organic facial cleansers. Start using our products today and feel the difference for yourself.

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