Packaging Considerations

Quality and carefully considered packaging is essential to the success of your private label skincare line. It’s often the first thing people notice, so making it a memorable and accurate reflection of your overall brand is key for your private label skincare line’s success. As you choose the packaging that is right for your brand, here are a few things to keep in mind:

Remember that all of your packaging should reflect your brand’s message, and contribute to how you want your customers to feel when they use, and even think of, your products. From fonts and colors to materials and size, everything about the packaging you choose should reinforce your brand’s image, personality and feel. For example, if an important part of your brand is being environmentally friendly, you may want to consider a high quality recycled or “green” packaging option in order to stay in alignment with your brand’s purpose.

You will also want to carefully consider the materials you would like to use in your packaging, since they play a huge part in how your brand looks, feels, and even the ease with which your customers will be able to use your products. The amount of thought and care your put into your brand will be felt and appreciated by your customers, so consider your options wisely. Beautiful packaging can also really help your brand to stand out and even encourage a potential customer to buy. It also contributes to the memorability of your brand, which is equally important for new and returning customers alike.

Also, think about any implications the shape and/or size of your chosen packaging will have on the manufacturing, packaging, and transportation processes, as unusual shaped packaging may increase your production costs. However, you may decide that it is worth the additional charge to fit your brand personality or to stand out on the shelves.

Before finalizing your packaging choices, consult your private label skincare manufacturer to understand how your packaging will impact the production process and price. Most private label skincare manufacturers will need to see the packaging you have chosen, including the cap and label, before they can give you a price quote on your product. Also, consider the transportation boxes you will need to use, especially if you have unusually shaped product containers, and make sure that your product will be properly protected to avoid damage during transport.