Palmarosa Essential Oil: Beautifying Cousin of the Rose

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/13/2014 to Oils

There are many different kinds of rose oils and all of them are held in high regard when it comes to skin care. It would make sense that something as fair and fragrant as a rose would be one of the ultimate beauty tonics. But there are also plants such as palmarosa, which is not a flower but a grass. And like its flowered and soft-petaled cousins, palmarosa is a wonder when it comes to treating aged and dehydrated skin.

One of the main causes of aging is actually dehydration. Effective essential oil skin care must address this, especially because there are oils like palmarosa that so beautifully hydrate the skin, keeping it supple and soft. When you see skin that is sagging, heavily wrinkled, and unable to repair itself from damage, one of the reasons is that it may not be adequately hydrated. Palmarosa helps your skin to retain its moisture and keep an appropriate moisture balance. Not only does this help keep you looking young, but it also is quite soothing to the skin as well.

Palmarosa essential oil helps the skin repair itself by promoting the growth of new cells and the recycling of cellular matter. This is important because in order for skin to heal and repair itself, it must have fresh, new, shiny cells to rebuild with. When this ability is compromised, wounds and other traumas don’t heal as well, and the ultimate integrity of the skin drops to a level that in no way fosters dermal health and vibrancy.

Palmarosa not only soothes and repairs your skin, but your nerves as well. This might be one of the coolest things about essential oil skin care- every use is also an aromatherapy session! When you apply palmarosa, your tired and fatigued muscles will be rejuvenated, your depression will be lifted, and your anger will be softened. Your brain will move into a state of alert relaxation whilst your now supple skin glows and glows.

Essential oils are fun to use. They smell good, make you look good, and make you feel good too! Palmarosa essential oil not only rejuvenates and beautifies the skin, but it also protects it from water loss and further damage. It lifts up a sad and gloomy mood, energizes a sluggish demeanor, and takes away the pain of sore and overused muscles. With an oil as pleasurable and effective as this, self care becomes a pleasure.