Personal Care Contract Manufacturing

The quality of your private label can make or break your business. Choosing the right manufacturer with organic products will keep existing customers loyal and attract new ones. Consumers across the country are switching to natural products because they know that synthetic ingredients can be harmful and irritating, while additives such as parabens, sulfates, and chemical preservatives can penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream. Because of this, customers with delicate, sensitive skin will love your spa’s organic inventory.

For over thirty years, RainShadow Labs has processed, packaged and labeled custom products for retailers looking to grow their business. If a customer purchases a product that can only be found in your spa or business, and they love it, they will be back for more. For this reason, RainShadow Labs takes manufacturing seriously. We have an experienced and dedicated formulation and quality assurance team that’s ready to work with you to formulate the product line of your dreams. If you have a general idea of a product, we will consult you on which ingredients get the results your customers want. Also, if you have a prototype or sample product, we can imitate or enhance it to give your products a personal touch.

Premium Hair Care Products

RainShadow Labs leads the industry in manufacturing products that harness the power and intelligence of nature. Our products are vegan, cruelty free, and manufactured in-house. Business owners and individuals who want to save money on personal care products will benefit from our wholesale selection. One advantage of manufacturing on-site is that we can sell our inventory at wholesale prices. Whether you want organic products for your home or business, RainShadow Labs has unbeatable pricing on quality items.

Synthetic shampoos can contain toxic ingredients such as sulfates, fragrance, and chemical preservatives. Our completely natural amino shampoo is made with an herbal infusion of high silica herbs that restructures hair and gives it the flexibility and shimmer to maintain its beauty and strength. Similarly, RainShadow Labs’ conditioner consists of wheat protein that nourishes and fortifies hair while keeping it hydrated and full. Call 503 366 3413 to order today!

Check Out Our All-Natural Lotions

Many common lotions and skin cremes contain toxins that can seep through the skin and enter the bloodstream. What you put on your body matters, and RainShadow Labs lotions are safe, organic, and nourishing. Spa customers deserve nature’s best products, and our wholesale line of lotions and night creams will help you meet your customers' needs. Whether you are looking for a light moisturizer or a heavy night cream, our lotion will pamper your skin and help combat cellular aging.

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Spas that stock their backbar with natural products can potentially attract more customers. Individuals that use organic lotions and shampoos will help protect their body from unwanted chemicals. To order now, call 503 366 3413 or visit ouronline store.