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Peru Balsam Essential Oil (EO90)
Peru Balsam Essential Oil (EO90)

Peru Balsam Essential Oil (EO90)

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Myroxylon Pereirae
El Salvador
steam distilled from bark

Myroxylon Pereirae Resin Oil or Peru Balsam Essential Oil come from the resin of the grand evergreen Myroxylon Pereirae tree in Central and South America. It is considered an excellent emollient, meaning that it can form a barrier over skin that traps water inside, helping to prevent moisture loss. For this reason, Peru Balsam is an effective addition to formulas intended for soothing chapped hands and feet or chaffed skin.

In folklore, Balsam of Peru oil was thought to attract prosperity and happiness and promote inventiveness and vision. The aroma is warm and comforting with the ability to help with relaxation. It can be described as rich and balsamic with a sweet vanilla-like undertone. Try diffusing it to and add some sweetness into the room. 

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