Picking Your Packaging, Label, and Formulation

Private label branding can grow your business. Spas, massage parlors, gyms, coffee shops, and health food stores all have customers that love organic skincare products. By providing customers with a high-quality, unique product, businesses can expand their consumer base while tapping into a rising market. The natural skincare industry has grown by nearly 10% each year since 2016, and it's expected to reach $86.7 billion by 2022. Stay ahead of the trend by calling RainShadow Labs today.

For over 30 years, RainShadow Labs has formulated and manufactured organic skincare products in our 100% wind-powered facilities. Our hundreds of private label partners continue to grow their businesses by supplying their customers with high-quality, effective products. Visit us online to browse our selection of cremes, lotions, essential oils, soaps, candles and more. Browse our online catalog for more information on our individual products.

3 Steps to a Successful Private Label

As with any product partnership, the key to success resides in the product quality. Before partnering with us, check out our direct line of wholesale products and order some samples of products so that you can see and test what is right for your brand. Visiting our website and testing samples will help you to envision your ideal private label product and see what we have to offer.

After envisioning the perfect private label item, the next step is to formulate the product or buy it directly from us. Those who have an idea of what they want but don't know the specifics (smell, texture, ingredients, color etc.) can work with our customer service team to find the ideal product. Those who have a specific combination in mind for a prototype can fill out our digital formulation questionnaire and we will discuss your options moving forward.

The last step towards a successful private label is to find the right label and packaging. Here at RainShadow Labs, our in-house packaging options are limited since we are not a packaging vendor. However, we have a list of reliable packing vendors that can help you source your bottles, jars, lids, pumps etc. If you have your own vendors, feel free to use them instead.

Choose Packaging that Fits Your Brand

The top-notch RainShadow Labs customer service team is available to offer recommendations on where to order packaging or decide on packaging materials. Packaging should reflect your brand's personality, and remember that most customers decide on a purchase because of how the packaging grabs their attention first. After deciding on package and labeling, we will provide your pricing options. Only after evaluating the final product and package will we know the entire cost. Call RainShadow Labs today to get started!

Drop Us a Line for a Free Consultation

The team at RainShadow Labs creates industry-leading skincare products that are affordable and effective. We strive to create products that harness the power of nature to deliver real results. Your skin and body will thank you for using natural ingredients. Visit us online or call our offices at (503) 366 3413 for more information on our direct line of products, wholesale pricing, or private label branding.