Plant A Tree Foundation

RainShadow Labs is committed to having as gentle an ecological footprint as possible, as well as to participate in the cleaning and renewal of this planet. With this intention in mind, RainShadow Labs facilitates the planting of multiple fruit tree orchards every year in low-income communities and Native American Reservations around the United States. This is one of the ways that we minimize the impact of all of the natural raw materials that we ask our beautiful earth to provide for us. We also diminish our carbon footprint when we plant these carbon consuming and oxygen producing trees into the earth. The planting of each strategically placed fruit tree includes the purchase and transportation of each tree, organic planting, organic fertilizer and topsoil, irrigation and fencing around the tree, and pruning and maintenance. No chemicals or animal matter of any kind are used in this process.

Fruit trees heal the environment by cleaning the air, improving soil quality, preventing erosion, creating animal habitat, sustaining valuable water sources, and healthy organic nutrition. The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation’s goal is to plant 18 billion fruit trees. This is approximately 3 fruit trees for every person alive.

To read more about the wonderful accomplishments already facilitated by the Fruit Tree Planting Foundation, go to

We are thrilled to provide our customers with one more reason to utilize RainShadow Labs as your contract manufacturing Facility.

We are In SERVICE to you, our customers, our community, and our planet.