Preferred Vendors

At RSL we intend to stay true to what we are known for, which is excellent product formulating, development and manufacturing, along with unbeatable customer service. It is with this commitment in mind that RSL will never attempt to be a labeling vendor as well. The field is vast and the nuances are dynamic. As your Formulation House of choice, what we can do for you is direct you to what we consider to be the very best of the best as far as labeling manufacturing is concerned. Below you will find links to time tested, tried and true, eco friendly premiere labeling vendors. You will be pleased to find that there is an option for low minimum runs. This will make your product launch very manageable alongside of RSL low minimum requirements. Please mention that you are working with RSL when you contact either preferred vendor. They will take excellent care of you!

Both featured vendors of choice are full process labeling companies. Their skill set includes graphic development and support as well as label design. As you move into this aspect of your product development and launch, it is useful to procure quotes from multiple vendors in order to get a clear view of where you are at in this market, as well as what is available to you.

Once you have selected your packaging, please keep in mind that a full set of every item (inserts, lids, tubes, bottles, jars, etc.) will be required by your labeling manufacturer as well as the team at RSL. The packaging for your labeling vendor will be used to verify that the correct paper, adhesive, size and labeling direction are used in your customized process.