Premium Standard Hair Conditioner

RSL continues to progressively push the envelope…. and make it ALL better. In these trying times with a dubious economy, we feel the responsibility of making you even more effective at competing in the Personal Care Product Industry with the most innovative and cutting edge products possible.

On this note, we are pleased to share with you that all of the conditioners coming out of our laboratory are now FULLY compliant with The Whole Foods Premium Standard For Personal Care Products. This is viewed in our industry as the most agreed upon and accepted standard for natural and organic products on the market. Beyond this, all of our conditioner formulations are elegant, silky, and luxurious, whether working with stock items or Custom Formulated items.

Updated Feature- our MHRA Amino Conditioner is now offered pre-fragranced in our Natural Tahitian Lime fragrance (new all natural fragrance offered through RSL)

CLICK HERE TO ORDER- MHRS Silky Conditioner, 99% natural/72% organic
CLICK HERE TO ORDER- MHRA Amino Conditioner, 99% natural/72% organic

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