Private Label Beard Oil

Private Label Beard Oil

Private label beard oil is the perfect men’s facial product to keep ingrown hairs at bay, the beard nourished and healthy, and the skin beneath the scruff soft and flake-free. For all of the bearded guys walking around with unkempt facial hair, and for the discerning man who likes to keep his beard and skin cared for, private label beard oil is here to stay and claim its place in the private label skincare world of truly effective natural products.

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Our expertly formulated private label beard oil is the perfect blend of nourishing plant substances that help the skin while protecting and maintaining a healthy looking, manly mane. We specifically used astringent and “dry” oils, such as Hazelnut and Rosehip seed in our proprietary beard oil formula because they help to tighten the look of pores and prevent the feeling of ingrown hairs while also keeping the beard soft and manageable.

These astringent oils also sink into the skin quickly, which prevents any kind of oil-slick or heaviness from sitting on the beard and skin. Instead, our private label beard oil simply conditions, nourishes and maintains what it needs to; no clogged pores, weighed down facial hair and oily after shine. We also made sure to include ingredients such as Green Tea extract and Jojoba oil to further the skin balancing and facial hair shaft strengthening effects of our private label beard oil.

With RainShadow Labs beard oil, you absolutely do not need to worry about any strong and artificial scents wafting up from your beard. We offer an unscented and naturally scented version for the discriminating consumer and private label skincare entrepreneur to choose from. Our naturally scented version is reminiscent of an invigorating and piney walk through the forest, is not overpowering and can even be used as a replacement for cologne if you so choose.

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Adding a private label beard oil to your private label skincare line is the perfect way to diversify your product offerings with a truly effective and multidimensional private label skincare product. Best used just after a shower when the skin and hair are most receptive to the beard strengthening and pore tightening ingredients, it’s easy to apply, easy to package, and a great way to maintain that manly mane. Additionally, our private label beard oil can be used as a deep hair conditioning treatment, and even a massage oil if you like.

We offer our private label beard oil two ways: directly from our Buy Direct online store for the direct consumer and more DIY-minded entrepreneur, and from our in house private label production process. To learn more about our production and private label processes, you can visit the Private Label Skincare section of our website to get started. If you already private label with us, call or email to have your samples ordered today so you can experience the botanical, beard nourishing genius of our private label beard oil.