Private Label & Buy Direct CBD Oils

Skin care products

Derived from CBD-rich agricultural hemp seeds and co-op grown in Europe without the use of pesticides and other chemicals, this is truly the finest hemp seed derived CBD oil you can find- available to you in a gorgeous cream and light and smooth gel.

Why CBD? In short, CBD makes cells happy. It supports and enforces their highest and most intelligent expression. This means things like pain, inflammation and mutation are absolutely NOT welcome to the CBD enforced skincare party.

It means that total dermal wellness is supported and encouraged whilst the signs of struggle, imbalance and discomfort are promptly sent packing. The cellular vibrancy supporting properties of CBD are real and tangible.

We’ve also tested both cream and gel on ourselves and on our friends, and the results are in: they work. They work all over the body, in sore spots and painful spots and tight spots and aging spots. They work because CBD attacks dysfunction and replaces it with integrity.

If cellular and overall dermal wellness is your thing (how could it not be?) then order your cream or gel samples today and let the truest expression of you—and your customer’s—skin shine through.