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When you think of relaxation, you may have a few images, or feelings, come to mind. Whether it is a day free of work, a hot bath, or even reading a good book, all of these experiences can be enhanced by organic, coconut wax candles. When you use a coconut candle, you are ensuring that no harsh chemicals are being released into the air as you try to relax. Learn more about Private Label candle companies today and start investing in the best.

RainShadow Labs is dedicated to not only being a green manufacturing center, but also producing organic and sustainable products. We offer a variety of coconut-based candles infused with essential oils for a superior aromatherapeutic experience. Learn more about the benefits of candles in your home, and how you can make a custom candle blend through our Private Label service.

Coconut Wax Candles

Coconut candles are made from coconut wax. This is done by processing the oil that comes from the coconut. What sets our coconut wax candles apart from the pack is that they do not require chemicals to be scented and burn much cleaner than other types of candles on the market.

Traditional paraffin candles that can be found at most bath and body stores are made by processing petroleum oil. Not only does this release CO2 when burned, but it also requires chemical additives to scent and color these types of candles.

Coconut wax candles do not emit any harsh fumes or gases, making them safe to burn in your home and safe for the environment. At RainShadow Labs we produce biodegradable and vegetarian coconut candles that do just this. Additionally, our candles produce significantly less soot and burn longer than paraffin wax candles.

We pride ourselves on being a Private Label candle company that hand pours and labels each of our soy candles. Located in the heart of St. Helens, Oregon we let the beauty and intelligence of nature inspire us as we create products featuring clean, green, natural ingredients.

If you are a businesses owner, these candles are perfect to use in spas, salons and retail stores to create a welcoming environment and prefect take-home purchase for your customers. Coconut wax candles are also complimentary additions to any home or bathroom. Learn more about the benefits of candles and their health and relaxation attributes below.

Benefits of Candles

Some of the earliest recorded uses of candles come from the Egyptians in early 3,000 B.C. with the invention of beeswax wick candles. These candles were originally meant for more practical uses, such as a source of light and maybe even warmth.

Since their invention, candles have only continued to grow in both the materials used to make them and in their many uses. Now, candles are not our primary source of light; however, they do serve multiple practical uses for wellbeing and happiness.

One benefit of burning Private Label candles in your home or business is the essential oils that are released into the air. Every oil can impart a sense of wellness, coziness and relaxation into the space they inhabit. Use them to set the mood in your spa, office or home.

Coconut candles also offer a different, softer kind of light. When used in baths, romantic settings, in celebration or just for a quiet evening in, the warm, mild lighting helps set the mood- whether it be relaxing or celebratory.

Our paraben free coconut candles are the perfect additions to your home or business for decoration purposes. When guests or clients are welcomed by the soft scents and visually appealing placement of our coconut candles, you are creating an environment that is primed for better sales and a more relaxing and comfortable customer/guest experience.

Made For You

At RainShadow Labs we offer candles ranging in scents from cinnamon sugar to coconut dream. However, the options are endless with our wide variety of customizable scents and essential oils on hand. With Private Label, you can create and sell a scented candle of your own.

We offer businesses the ability to private label their candles with us in our wind-powered manufacturing center. Once you’ve chosen your preffered scent(s), you also have the option to have your finished, hand poured candles labeled by us as well before they are shipped out to you.

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