Private Label Essential Oils

Private Label Essential Oils

Essential oils are all around us, you can even purchase them from your local grocery store. But is one essential oil like another? There are so many essential oil types, strengths, uses and extraction methods. Essential oils have been used for centuries for their medicinal and aromatic qualities.

RainShadow Labs carries superior essential oils custom designed for your company to resale. Choosing the single oils or blends to offer can be daunting when considering all the options. Let’s talk about some things to consider when choosing your private label essential oils.

Considerations for Essential Oil Resale

When endorsing and selling a product, it is critical that you are informed and study the oils you choose. Different oils have different qualities and uses. Here are some things to keep in mind when selecting your private label essential oils:

  • Intended Use: How do you plan on using the oil? Aromatherapy usage can be less than 100% oil, however, when using for therapeutic purposes (topically), 100% therapeutic oil is recommended.
  • Extraction Methods: How a company extracts essential oils will affect quality. Steam-distilled oils are of a higher quality than oils that are water distilled.
  • Cost: Always do your homework, oils of high quality and steam distilled will not come cheap. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Grades of Private Label Essential Oils

Price of essential oils will also depend on the assigned grade. While not regulated by the FDA, you can get an idea of the therapeutic grade of an oil by this scale:

  • Therapeutic (A): Grade A essential oils go through several distillation processes to ensure superior quality and purity.
  • Natural/Food Grade (B): While still considered organic, Grade B essential oils may still contain traces of chemicals.
  • Perfume Grade (C) : While still unaltered, Grade C oils are ultra concentrated and contain chemicals.

Order Your Private Label Essential Oils Today!

RainShadow Labs understands essential oils and the process of extracting superior quality products. We offer professional product blending and labeling. Whether you are looking for therapeutic grade oils or an oil to scent your custom cosmetics, we only use the highest quality ingredients. Order you private label essential oils today! Click here or call our RainShadow Labs experts at 503-366-3413.