Private Label Manufacturing Process

Spas, coffee shops, gym, massage parlors and others who are interested in private label branding must first envision their ideal product. Researching growing industries is a good way to begin planning which products to offer under a private label. Currently, the natural and organic skincare industry is growing at a CAGR of 10%. This means that in 2021, the global natural skincare market will reach $135 billion. Retailers who want a slice of this fast-growing market should consider launching a private label brand.

RainShadow Labs is your premier source of organic skincare products. We offer wholesale cremes, scrubs, soaps, essential oils, fragrances, hair care products, raw ingredients, and more. We manufacture custom formulations for our private label partners. We are committed to staying waste-free and are 100% wind powered. We also source many of our ingredients from right here in the United States. Call us today at (503) 366-3413 for an obligation free consultation.

How Do I Launch a Private Label?

The first step in launching a private label is to envision your ideal product. As a skincare manufacturer, RainShadow Labs works with spas, massage parlours, gyms, health food stores, coffee shops, and others to provide customers with high-quality, affordable products. If your customers could benefit from some anti-aging, restorative skincare products, browse our website for examples of what RainShadow Labs can do for you.

After envisioning an ideal product, retailers must then formulate the ingredients or buy their product directly. As a retail manufacturer, RainShadow Labs offers an expansive line of pre-formulated products that can be modified to fit your needs. Located online is a full catalog of all of our products, ingredients, and information on how to obtain samples. If necessary, our team will reformulate a product from scratch.

If you already have an idea of the ingredients you would like to include in a product, we can work with you to carefully combine organic ingredients in order to get the best results. If an existing product is similar to the product you have in mind, we can make any alterations necessary. Some ingredients combine better than others, and working with the formulation team at RainShadow Labs will help you formulate the ultimate product for your line.

The last step in the private label manufacturing process is finding the right label and packaging. The right packaging reinforces a brandâ€Ã¢â€žÂ¢s personality, and labels should reflect the brand image and voice. RainShadow Labs is not a packaging vendor, but we have a list of trusted vendors that have successfully worked with our clients in the past. After deciding on a label and package, we will quote your final price. Call RainShadow Labs today to get started!

Launch the Perfect Private Label With Rainshadow Labs

Our friendly customer service team makes the private label process smooth and simple. We have done this for over 35 years, and we understand the many nuances involved in creating a successful private label skincare line. Call (503) 366-3413 for an obligation-free consultation or to begin the private label manufacturing process.