Private Label Packaging

Posted by RainShadow Labs on 10/9/2012 to Cosmetics

Launching your own skin care product line is a labor-intensive and often confusing process.  It seems that there are one thousand decisions to be made, including defining your niche and your target audience, designing your brand look and feel, developing your product line, identifying your sales and marketing channel and building the team to execute your product launch, to name just a few.   If you have made the decision to outsource the manufacturing portion of your personal care product business to a private label skin care manufacturer, the next step is to decide what kind of packaging you want to use.

When making this decision, carefully consider the implications of your packaging choice.  Consider what impact this packaging will have on the personality of your product and how effectively your packaging will communicate this personality to your target audience.  Consider also what implication the shape and/or size will have on the manufacturing, packaging, and transportation processes.

What implication will packaging choice have on your brand?  Unique packaging can really help your brand jump off the shelves and induce customer trial.  Thus it is a very important sales and marketing tool.  And if your private label skin care manufacturer has delivered a high quality product, you will have a repeat customer on your hands.  

Not only is the look and feel of the design important, the materials used to make the packaging can also inform your customer about the personality of your brand.  More and more customers are basing their decisions on the thoughtfulness and care of the brand.  Your choice to use packaging that is not only user friendly but also environmentally friendly may make a difference to your customer.

Before you finalize your packaging choice, consult your skin care manufacturing partner to understand the implications of your choice to their process and to the final cost of your product.  Most private label skin care manufacturers will need to see the bottle or jar or tube, including the cap and label, before they can give you a price quote on your product.  Unusual shaped packaging, while perhaps essential to the personality of your brand, may increase the per unit product cost.  If the packaging does not fit into the automated packaging equipment that your skincare manufacturer uses, your product may require hand labeling, which will also increase the price.  However, you may decide that it is worth the additional charge.

Also consult your private label skin care manufacturer about the implications of your choice of transportation packaging.  Transportation packaging is the boxes that the finished product is packaged into before being shipped to the next point in the sales process.  Unusual packaging in shape, size, or material may require a special transportation box.  A manufacturer like RainShadow Labs which offers logistic support will make certain that you have a transportation box that is able to withstand the bumps and bruises of the shipping process.  By properly protecting your finished goods you may save thousands of dollars.

Finally, consult your private label skin care manufacturer about what will be done with your excess packaging once the current manufacturing and packaging contract is completed.  This is very important to know because it can add significantly to your per unit finished cost.  Shipping bottles to and from your private label skin care manufacturer also adds to this finished cost, so try to make certain you are able to do this as a few times as possible.  A private label skin care manufacturer like RainShadow Labs that specializes in full-service manufacturing and packaging and logistics support will store all excess packaging so that you do not have to incur the cost of having this excess packaging shipped back to you.  While the manufacturer may charge a nominal storage fee, it will more than be made up for by eliminating your need to store the materials yourself and will ease the logistics headache, leaving you to focus on selling your product.