Private Label Personal Care Products

RainShadow Labs has specialized in private label personal care products since 1983. We are an established company that operates inside the U.S.A. and complies with stringent FDA and GMP standards. With our experience and facilities, we can create virtually any personal care product you are looking for from soaps to lotions and hair products. If you have any questions about our products or options for your business, we are easy to contact via e-mail or telephone.

The Green Choice

RainShadow Labs sets a standard for private label manufacturing in the environmentally-friendly category. Our facility is powered by wind, and we specialize in zero waste packing and shipping methods. We source raw materials from growers that use sustainable farming methods for organic herbs and plants. With RainShadow Labs, you can be sure you’re entire product is focused on preserving and taking care of our beautiful planet. If you want your product to stand out from the competition for its green factor, partner with RainShadow Labs.

Natural Skin Care

We focus on maximizing the use of natural ingredients for personal care products. We have found that the less artificial chemicals and compounds in your skincare, the more it can repair and rejuvenate your skin. Our natural products don’t skimp on scientifically proven ingredients. We have the most popular proven ingredients, like organic and preservative free hyaluronic acid, AHAs, and retinol. With natural skin care, you get more beneficial ingredients and nothing that your customers have learned to avoid.

Ready to Label Products

Our formulas put organic ingredients like aloe and coconut milk as the first ingredient, so that your customers know they are buying more than just expensive water. We also use unique ingredients like Willowbark, Algae, or Gotu Kola, so you have an edge in the natural market. If you choose to use our formulas, we utilize a wide variety of unique ingredients so you are sure to find what you are looking for with us.

You can browse our Ready to Label Products using our Buy Direct store. You can order samples of our ready made products to experience the quality first hand before passing it on to customers.

Custom Manufacturing

Other private label skin care manufacturers will push you to order their ready made products, claiming it saves you time and effort. In this way, they completely cut you out from the creative process in order to sell their own product. They are focused on themselves and their own brand. Here at RainShadow Labs, we operate differently than the competition. We have the experience to get you the products you actually want, without the slow down that other inefficient companies experience when batching and manufacturing.

RainShadow Labs cares about your input and your vision for your product. When you partner with us for private label manufacturing, we use our experience to quickly create a formula that works with the ingredients you want to use.

Consultation for Custom Made Private Label Products

If you are interested in creating your own line of products, call us for a consultation.