Private Label Skin Care Labs

Launching your own line is incredibly exciting. With RainShadow Labs, you can use one of our proven formulas, or we can customize and create a whole new product designed to your specifications. We can personalize your products with the ingredients you select and fill and ship your packaging. At RainShadow Labs, it’s all about you. Tell your story with quality skin care products.

When you partner with us, we make it possible for your ideas to come to life and reach the hands of consumers, without the interference of sub-standard or tainted imported products. Even the most selective customers will return to your product line because of the high quality ingredients and product efficacy. Explore the characteristics that define RainShadow Labs’ superior quality below.

Large Selection of Products

We manufacture a large variety of skin care products that take care of the whole body. We have experience creating the best formulas to target specific problems, such as aging or dry skin, and we can share our knowledge with you through a private label partnership. From soaps to lotions to oils, we offer the formulas you need for your line.

Cruelty Free

We never test on animals and don’t work with any suppliers that do. RainShadow Labs only sources raw ingredients from suppliers that adhere to our values, so you can be sure your skin care line is 100% ethical, beginning at the raw ingredients and continuing all the way to the finished product.


We source our ingredients from organically grown plants that nourish your skin. Our skin care products are never made with parabens, silicones or mineral oils. We focus on providing clients with all natural products that satisfy the need for uncontaminated raw ingredients.

FDA Certified

We formulate and produce all of our products on site in our lab. We utilize rigorous quality control testing and high standards to make sure our lab manufactures the best products in the United States. Our facilities adhere to the standards set by the FDA for skin care products. We are also GMP Compliant to ensure consistency in our product lines. Working with us will give you access to a professional lab that delivers the best products.

Environmentally Friendly

RainShadow Labs is committed to business practices that protect our Earth. We utilize sustainable raw materials in our formulas to care for the planet’s resources. Our facility is powered by wind to avoid the depletion of resources that accompanies traditional energy sources. We use packaging and labels made with recycled materials, and many of our products are biodegradable. We create products with zero waste methods that align with our goals to protect the environment.

Personalized Consultation

Contact us today for a no obligation consultation. We can work together to begin designing your own product line.