Private Label Skin Care

Posted by Rain Shadow Labs on 9/28/2012 to Cosmetics

Private label skin care refers to skin care products that are manufactured or offered by one company for sale under the brand name of another company.  Thus the brand that is offering the product for sale is not the brand that is designing and manufacturing the product.  Private label goods and services are also made available in industries such as food, electronics, and clothing.

Products manufactured under private label skin care agreements were initially positioned as lower cost alternatives to regional, national or international brands.  However, this has changed dramatically due to the complexities of the skin care product launch process, including the formulation, manufacturing, product marketing, and distribution. 

To build a truly competitive premium private label skin care product line requires an in-depth understanding of the many potential raw ingredients used to make these products.  It requires knowledge of the way in which these ingredients interact with each other and with the skin and the hair.  To develop this expertise requires many, many years of research and experimentation.  The institutional expertise of RainShadow Labs is now at 30-plus years and as such, RainShadow Labs is able to deliver skin care products that will compete with the premium skin and hair care products throughout the world.

Once each specific product has been developed, the manufacturer must be able to source, store and test the array of raw ingredients necessary to create the product in a safe and timely manner.  Developing relationships with reputable raw material providers requires time and patience.  

The manufacturing process is capital intensive and requires significant investment into the necessary equipment and human capital to efficiently and effectively manufacture these products.  This investment is not made overnight, but instead requires many years to put into place. 

In the end, it requires a completely different set of skill sets to formulate and manufacture skin care products as it does to market and distribute these products.  Many brands prefer to invest their time and energy into being the best at marketing their brands while allowing private label skin manufacturers like RainShadow Labs to be the experts at developing and manufacturing these products. 

So, in this age of specialization turning to experts to develop and manufacture private label natural and organic skin care products may be a companys wisest decision. And RainShadow Labs has positioned itself uniquely to provide its services as a custom formulation house, promising to deliver private label skin care lines that will compete against premium brands throughout the world.