Private Label with Rainshadow Labs

Welcome to private label skin care with RainShadow Labs. This section describes how our customers can get RainShadow Labs stock personal care products into a bottle or jar. Below is detailed information on how to take our stock products and get them into your container with your label on it.

Unlike other Private Label Skin Care Manufacturers, RainShadow Labs does not provide a pre-designed product in a bottle with a label and company brand name on it. In this way we allow the products to have a more personal touch, and our customers to have more control over the look and feel of their own brand. We here at RainShadow Labs understand the desire to have a brand that is 100% your own.

Below is our link to our Buy Direct products. Click on this link and begin exploring the stock products that can be packaged under your brand, and the place to order your samples today. Under this link, which leads you to RSL Buy Direct, all RainShadow Labs products are broken down by category in the left hand, gray navigation box. When you click on the image of any product you will be taken to a link where you can view a full product description, ingredient deck and a place where samples may be ordered. When you order samples you will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the quality of the products and the formulas and whether they are right for your brand:

In the event you would like even more creative input into your brand’s products, follow the link below to learn about and engage in our Custom Manufacturing Process; the RainShadow Labs Custom Manufacturing Team will help you begin the lab sample process. In advance of engaging in the Custom Manufacturing Process, we recommend exploring the stock products available in the RSL Buy Direct Section, as it is likely you will find products and formulas that already meet your needs. If not, RSL will begin the process of modifying these formulas, or creating a formula from the ground up, specifically for your brand:

Once you have explored our stock samples and know which bases you like, or if you already know you want to create your own custom formula, we can work with you through our Lab Sample process on creating your own product. Below is the link to our Getting Started page. This page will outline our process and will give you all the necessary forms to start. You will use the Form A if you have a base prototype for us to work from for any reason (texture, ingredients, color, smell etc) or Form B if you just have the idea but no sample.

Follow this link to read about the RainShadow Labs Contract Filling Services. In this section you will learn about what we will need from you in order to offer pricing for drop-filled orders:

The following link will lead you to our list of label and packaging vendors. Of course you are more than welcome to source your packaging and labels from any vendor of your choosing. The RainShadow Labs preferred vendors are simply vendors with whom we have experience and feel confident will meet your needs:

Once you are on your way with stock and/or custom samples, the next step is packaging. We here at RainShadow believe that you know best what you love and what you are attracted to in a personal care product. If you look on your bathroom counter you will see what kind of packaging and products you and your family purchase. If you create a product you love and that you would purchase, you will sell it better than if someone else created for you. For this reason, we have a page specifically to help you find reliable packaging vendors that can help you source your bottles/jars/lids/pumps, etc., labels and unit cartons. These vendors are ones that specifically work with RainShadow customers and know the many questions you will have when starting up. They will help lead you through the design and selection process and will send samples to us when you’re ready for pricing. If you already have your own vendors, by all means you can use them. This is just in case you don’t or you are looking for something new.

Once you have selected your packaging, we will need a full sample set along with a completed drop-fill sample packaging submission form filled out and emailed/faxed back before we can do pricing.

Download the Drop-fill Sample Packaging Submission Form:

Submission Form

We know it may seem overwhelming in the beginning but step-by-step and with the support of RainShadow Labs you will create your product line, your brand and your successful future. We look forward to working with you on this venture!