Problem Solver Serum

Nothing is worse than having a problem you can’t solve. However, when it comes to skin care, there are solutions to your problems. RainShadow Labs’ formulary team have worked overtime to bring you the solutions you seek. Our all new Problem Solver Serum was designed with problem solving peptides, MSM and sandalwood and smells heavenly!

It’s All in the Ingredients

When looking for the best skin care products, it all comes down to the ingredients. The best ingredients. RainShadow Labs utilizes only the freshest ingredients grown in our partner farms, many of which are right here in the Pacific Northwest. We test each ingredient to ensure they are free of toxins and chemicals that, when condensed, could be harmful to your body. Let’s talk about the premium ingredients we utilize in our Problem Solver Serum:

  • Sandalwood: As the star ingredient in this powerhouse serum, sandalwood has loads of anti-inflammatory benefits. Inflammation is the source of skin dysfunction, scarring and drying. Sandalwood helps your skin tackle the issue at the root.
  • Plant Peptides and Stem Cells: Plant peptides help to stimulate collagen production, leaving your skin looking plump and supple. They also help to strengthen the skin barrier and virtually erase fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Botanical Hyaluronic Acid: Holding 1000x its weight in water, hyaluronic acid is the ultimate in skin hydration. It attracts water from its surroundings and adjusts it accordingly. Drier skin will attract more moisture.
  • Seaweed Bioferment: As a powerful anti-inflammatory, seaweed bioferment helps to repair damage and soothe dry, acne prone skin. Feed even the deepest layers of skin tissue with this ingredient.
  • Rosehip Seed Oil: Rich in Vitamin A, rosehip seed oil supports healthy skin hydration while promoting optimum cell regeneration. This oil encourages a bright, radiant and soft complexion.
  • Organic Aloe: Aloe promotes healthy hydration in skin which, in turn, supports normal tone. Filled with Vitamins A & C, aloe feeds tired, dull skin. Polysaccharides contained in aloe help to improve skin texture.

These ingredients are expertly suspended in our 100% natural, carbomer-free aloe base. The Problem Solver Serum has a high percentage of collagen producing ingredients, especially the plant peptides and stem cells. When these bioactive compounds are paired with the aloe vera and its polysaccharides, the skin and its collagen are essentially rebuilt threefold. No matter the skin care problem; aging, wrinkles, dryness, uneven skin tone, acne or rosacea, you won’t be sorry when you implement our Problem Solver Serum. We thoroughly test each product before we release it to the public, and the results are in...we love it! We offer this product through our private label and buy direct programs. We love providing people like you and your clients with intelligent and all natural skin care products. Call RainShadow Labs at 503-366-3413 to begin your order.